Global Leading Sensory Training and Aroma Marketing from the Aroma Academy

Sensory Skills

Highly developed Sensory Ability is a fundamental foundation skill for Sommeliers, Professional Bar Tenders and other key hospitality staff.

The ability to identify and articulate Flavour Profiles and differentiate between different wine grape types, spirits styles and drinks brands is an every-day requirement in these roles.

In addition, for Sommeliers, the ability to identify “off flavours” in the world of wine has always been a fundamental skill requirement and, in the increasingly complex and popular world of cocktails, it has never been more important for Professional Bar Tenders to understand Flavour Profiles and have highly developed Sensory Skills.

However, finding access to, and conducting, Professional Training for these key Sensory Skills is very often a significant challenge.

At the Aroma Academy, we have developed a very effective, systematic methodology to develop these vital Sensory Skills together with a set of Aroma/Flavour Reference Standards.

This proven system is accessible via our Series of Self Learn Aroma Training Kits   and our class room based Training Programmes.

Self-Learn Training Kits

Most people access the methodology via the Self-learn training kits which include ;

  • A set of Aroma Reference Standards specially designed for each category
  • A set of blank Aroma Strips
  • A guide booklet which includes general information regarding the category, the reference standards and, vitally, the Aroma Academy sensory training methodology.

The Self Learn Aroma Training Kits are currently available for 5 categories – Whisky , Wine , Gin , Rum   & Bourbon and allow you to develop your Sensory skills at the pace that suits you best.

You will be amazed at how rapidly your Sensory Skills develop as we set you on the path to “Nose like a Professional”.

The Kits are available from our Online Store – click here  – quote discount code WH5 to claim a 5% discount on all products up to 31st December 2017

Class Room Training

We undertake a series of class room based Training Programmes– all focused on the Training and Development of Sensory Skills.

This Training includes Foundation Sensory Understanding, how Aromas/Flavours behave, our unique Sensory Training Methodology, Sensory Practice, Flavour Profiling, typical Flavour Faults and an introduction to Sensory Competency/Proficiency.

The Training has three levels, Foundation, Intermediate and Advanced. Please click here   for more details.

Corporate Gifts

Our Self Learn Training Kits have also always served as exceptional Corporate Gifts for clients and they are now complemented by our recently released set of fun Aroma Games which are now available for Wine, Gin & Whisky.

The unique Aroma Games really are the perfect Corporate Gift for the hospitality world as they are not only a fun experience, but also provide a bit of subtle education – and they are directly relevant to the industry!

A group engrossed in playing the Wine Aroma Game can be seen in one of the photographs below!

The full range of Aroma Academy products can be found at .

Aroma Marketing 

Gain a Competitive Edge with the subtle power of Aroma Marketing

The importance of Aromas and Scents in influencing the mood, atmosphere and behaviour in a local environment – or as part of a product or brand design – is becoming increasingly understood but, surprisingly, is only currently applied in a very limited manner.

It is literally adding another dimension to the customer experience!

Companies and organisations who recognise this power undoubtedly gain a very important competitive edge.

The introduction of an aroma can ;

  • Enhance the customer/visitor experience
  • Enhance mood and improve the feeling of “well-being”
  • Influence customer behaviour

The Aroma Academy is uniquely well placed to deliver these benefits for your business – please contact us  for more information.

Promotion of the importance of Sensory Skills

To help promote the importance of Sensory Skills the Aroma Academy has been very pleased to be associated with the annual Sommelier Challenge at the London Imbibe Exhibition where the Sensory Ability of the top Sommeliers is tested. A key element of the Challenge is the “blind” identification of a set of Reference Standards provided by the Aroma Academy.  One of the Challenge sessions is shown in one of the photographs below.