Guests Sleep Easy with High Quality Bedding

The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division – Guests Sleep Easy with High Quality Bedding

The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of high quality, award winning luxurious natural and synthetic filled bedding to exclusive hotels and guest houses across the UK and Europe.
Some of the hotels which Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division supply bedding to include:
•    St Michaels Manor, St Albans
•    Cedar Manor Hotel, Windermere
•    The Woodlands, Lutterworth
•    Richmond Hill Hotel, Richmond
•    The Cadogan, London
•    Intercontinental London – O2, London
•    Fontevraud L’Hotel, France

An innovator when it comes to technologically advanced products spanning duvets, pillows, protectors, mattress toppers and enhancers, many products within the Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s synthetic range features Smartfil®, a unique next generation fibre that offers a very practical alternative to more traditional down filled bedding products without compromise.

Smartfil® offers superior thermal performance and maximum air flow, ensuring guests stay warm and comfortable as they sleep and allows the duvets and pillows to revive and recover their form like new every day after plumping and also after regular and repeated washing. All Smartfil® bedding can be washed at 60oC, the temperature that kills dust mites, giving guests a more allergy friendly sleep environment. In addition, these synthetic duvets are also ultra-light for faster room turnover and quick drying so freshly laundered duvets can be returned to a bed within a matter of hours, rather than days.

“While The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s natural filled products are extremely popular, synthetic filled bedding is now an appealing choice all year round in the hospitality sector. This is largely due to the need to cost effectively keep bedding squeaky clean and like new for each and every guest.  It is also cheaper to wash synthetic bedding than professionally clean natural filled products with such regularity. “

What Customers Want

A consumer survey reinforced consumer demand for washable bedding. In the study, commissioned by The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division, 80% of consumers questioned were concerned with how often hotel bedding is washed and almost half said that they had been disappointed by the cleanliness of a hotel’s bedding, comparing it unfavourably with home.

90% of hotel guests also expected accommodation providers to wash their duvets and pillows at least once a month, while more than 50% want hotel bedding to be cleaned weekly or even daily.

Meeting the high level of expectation from guests can be a challenge for hotels and guest houses as they seek to balance hygiene and cleanliness with the costs and performance of bedding after regular washing in-house. A washability test, also undertaken by The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division, used an independent lab to test its hotel bedding range featuring Smartfil®, against the industry’s leading competitors, trialling 20 washes and dries in commercial machines. The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s range of bedding outperformed competitors when washed at 60OC and dried over 20 washes.

Natural Bedding

The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s natural hotel range includes exquisite 5-star goose down duvets, which benefit from the highest quality, ethically sourced down guaranteed to provide the natural breathability and thermal properties you’d expect from a premium natural product.

Its luxury Duck Down duvet provides superior warmth and softness as well as being naturally breathable and wonderfully light. With a pure cotton cover for added luxury and softness, it drapes across the body and bed beautifully.

Customer Testimonial

One of the latest hotels to take advantage of The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division’s capabilities was the ‘InterContinental London – The O2’, which commissioned The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division to create bespoke bedding solutions for its 453 luxury bedrooms, including innovative anti-allergy rooms.  A new luxury goose feather dual layer topper has been developed specially for the hotel to deliver a sumptuous sleep experience within the five-star hotel.

InterContinental London – The O2’s executive head housekeeper Laura Walker said:
“The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division understood our requirements and has provided a solution to exceed the expectation of our discerning guests. Hygiene and cleanliness is vital for our own standards and the overall guest experience, while the performance of The Fine Bedding Company’s products enable us to wash, dry and reuse with no compromise in quality, offering the best of both worlds.”

“As well as product quality, The Fine Bedding Company Hotel Division is committed to the environment and ethical sourcing. Certified to the Allergy UK Seal of Approval, products carry the Oeko Tex ‘Confidence in Textiles’ certification and we ensure full supply chain traceability and conformance to the European Down and Feather Association (EDFA).”

The company continually assess the environmental impact of its activities and:

•    Focus on reducing the amount of packaging used, waste produced and carbon footprint generated
•    Invest in reducing direct energy consumption
•    Achieved a 40% reduction in non-production consumption
•    Avoid the use of known pollutants
•    Manage the responsible recycling/disposal of all waste materials
•    SO14001 accreditation

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