VOIGT finally launches in the UK! Professional Cleaning agents for Hospitality.

We are excited to present you with a bright solution that is guaranteed to save you a lot of money! A biological product that is environmentally friendly, safe for human use, super-concentrated, super powerful and best of all – at a price that will drive the competition out of business!

Now available for the first time to the UK market! VOIGT cleaning products have been developed since 1992 and has been operating continuously selling products across the globe. We are the sole distributors for the UK market, and we are confident that our products can help your business.

What distinguishes VOIGT from its competitors is the focus on innovation and technology. The products are Biological and Microbial based.

The way these good bacteria works is that they produce enzymes which break down the bad bacteria available into an energy source to allow the continued growth or replication of the good bacteria. Enough of the science lesson for now. What you should know is that we are often told that our customers never return to the expensive, smelly and hazardous cleaning products once they have used what our company offers.

Often in the world of business, the environment does not go hand in hand with profit. When it comes to our cleaning products you will find that the opposite is true. Make an informed decision, save money and the planet!

Voigt owes its success to manufacturing products based on its own, unique formulas. In our laboratories, we make great efforts to develop new solutions to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. The research we carry out enables for the application of active substances in optimal concentrations, ensuring full synergy of all components involved.

We provide FREE samples of VOIGT products along with the technical specifications

All cleaning products have the Certificate of Health Quality. ISO complied.


A concentrate for thorough cleaning of sanitary rooms and equipment. Recommended for cleaning acid-resistant surfaces. Effectively removes persistent grime, i.e. rust, scale, limescale, cement, lime and urine deposits as well as dirt, grease and soap residues. Particularly recommended for cleaning toilet bowls, urinals, bidets and sinks. The Anti-Stone technology delays limescale deposition and makes subsequent cleaning easier. It eliminates odours and leaves a pleasant fragrance in the rooms.

  • Pikasat VC120
  • Pikasoft gel VC121

Ceramic floor tiles:

Concentrated alkaline agent with improved effectiveness for thorough cleaning of heavily stained floors and alkali-resistant surfaces. Effectively removes old dirt, grease, polishes and polymer layers – stripper.

  • Grunlite VC155
  • Grandpur VC150
  • Brudpur VC242

PVC flooring / Laminate:

  • Metalic Dispersion VC330
  • Metalic Lux VC330L
  • HD Floor VC247
  • Nano-Orange VC241
  • HD Floor Protect VC370

Glass, Windows:

Innovative agent for cleaning windows, mirrors and glass surfaces. Effectively removes stains, leaving a crystal sheen on smudge less and clean surfaces. Nanotechnology provides an anti-static effect, delaying the deposition of dirt and facilitating cleaning.

Spray the stained surfaces with the agent and wipe with a clean cloth. Does not require wiping dry and polishing.

  • Nano Glass VC176
  • Easy Glass VC177


An antistatic, concentrated everyday cleaner for wooden, wood-like and laminated surfaces and devices.

A comprehensive agent with a pleasant fragrance; evaporates quickly; does not leave smudges or runs. It can be used for furniture made of natural or ecological leather.

  • Easyfurni VC137
  • Uniwersal VC250