Hello, We’re TISSL

Here at TISSL our main mission is to provide clients in the hospitality industry with the very best Electronic Point of Sale products and services which is why our name is on the lips of so many people.

Through our integrated partners we can offer clients a 360 solution tailor-made for their business which provides services ranging from POS, hardware, software, accounting, kitchen display systems, loyalty, reservations, staff HR, IT infrastructure, accounting, and, of course, ample training and support.

The beauty of our system is that there are so many elements that we offer to each client that we can build a truly bespoke solution that can support a business right from its beginnings as a one-site business through its evolution into a multi-site business.

We will assist in providing solutions for simple needs right through to the complex in multifaceted organisations with intricate structures and differing needs per sites.

TISSL views itself as more than POS which is why we have such a vast offering. Technology and hospitality evolve at such an unbelievable rate that we find true value in offering our clients a modern solution for modern needs. Too often we have been approached by clients who have complained that their POS provider cannot mature with their business nor will they provide support for any issues that crop up with their system. That to us is simply unacceptable as these aspects are what is so important for long-term business growth. Both from our point-of-view as well as that of the client and their future growth.

Forget cheap POS providers who offer no scaling or support; with TISSL you get quality that simply cannot be beaten. We’re your for-life technology partner.

Give us a call today and we’ll happily discuss solutions for your business.

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