Hidden benefits for hotel interiors

The choice of door closer is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when considering hotel interiors, but it can have a significant effect on the appearance, ambience and comfort of any project, as well as the safety of its occupants.

Naturally, when choosing a product the specifier needs to ensure that the door closer’s performance characteristics meet the needs of the application and relevant published standards.

Fire resistance and accessibility will almost always be paramount, but it will not be difficult for the specifier to find a door closer that complies with these requirements.

Door closer selection is, however, far more involved than merely looking at performance. Other criteria impact on the selection process, including aesthetics, reliability, hygiene and safety. Whilst there are no published performance standards governing these areas, choosing the right door closer will have a significant effect on them.

Where aesthetics are concerned, the natural choice for the designer has always been the concealed door closer, which facilitates a clean, unhindered appearance to the door and the entire room.

For many years, Samuel Heath has been at the forefront of the selection process with its Powermatic controlled, concealed door closers, which are available in standard and Swing Free versions.

In addition to satisfying critical performance requirements in areas of fire resistance and accessibility, Powermatic offers a host of benefits that make it suitable for a wide variety of applications in the hotel and leisure sector. It is also many specifiers’ preferred choice for health, education, social housing and commercial applications.

Fitting neatly between the door and frame, Powermatic is totally concealed when the door is closed, enabling the designer to avoid the unsightly control arms and boxes that are inevitable with surface-mounted door closers and which can spoil not only the appearance of the door itself, but of the entire interior. Powermatic can also more easily accommodate 90-degree reveals, which can restrict door clearance.

Using a concealed door closer ensures that nothing interferes with the desired appearance of the interior decorative scheme. It also creates a more homely, less functional, or institutionalised, ambience within the room, something which is highly desirable in hotel and leisure projects.

Beyond the assurance of great-looking interiors, Powermatic’s total concealment when the door is closed has delivered a number of practical benefits to myriad projects, including the ability to ensure that the sound insulation properties of guestroom doors are retained, simplifying maintenance and cleaning regimes and enhancing reliability by reducing the risk of damage through vandalism or horseplay.

Together, these benefits have seen Powermatic specified by the world’s leading designers on an enormous variety of prestigious hotel and leisure projects across the globe, including the Savoy, Café Royal, Hilton and Wyndham Grand in the UK and Aria Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Crowne Plaza in China, Sarova Hotels in Kenya and Jumeirah Emirates Towers in Dubai.

Samuel Heath offers a dedicated CPD presentation on door closers that is specifically designed for architects, designers and specifiers. The presentation covers all aspects of door closer selection, including product application and the relevant legislation, guidelines and performance standards which apply.

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