Disabled people can enjoy a holiday knowing they have those key aids they rely on at home, through a considerate approach to accommodation.

The Homelands Trust runs four luxury accessible lodges in Lundin Links, Fife, and is planning to build a further five to cope with demand- the current accommodation is almost completely booked solid for the year!

Part of the popularity of the development stems from its commitment to making people feel they can access a ‘home away from home’ as closely as possible. The commitment extends to the bathroom fixtures- two of the purpose-built, open plan, two storey lodges feature a ground floor wetroom equipped with, among other aids, a Closomat shower toilet.

The Closomat shower toilets have been installed in Cardy Lodge, one of three Homelands lodges which sleep six people, and Drummochy, which sleeps eight. Each of the Closomat Palma Vita toilets offer the user the option of using the WC as a conventional loo, or to take advantage of the Closomat’s integrated douching and drying facilities. To further help users, the Closomats at Homelands can be operated by the standard flush mechanism, or via a touch sensitive pad triggered by slight pressure from hand, foot or body.

“Our ethos as a charity is to help improve the quality of life for individuals affected by disability through the provision of luxury holiday accommodation. A great deal of research went into what types of equipment we should provide within our lodges,” explains assistant manager Kim O”Brien.

“As we cater for people with a very wide range of disabilities and limiting conditions, it was felt wash & dry toilets would be of benefit, and help replicate guests’ care packages, to be as close to their normal daily routine as far as possible.

“Many of our guests have a Closomat at home, as opposed to any other type of wash & dry toilet, so it is instantly recognisable to them, and something they are familiar with. It helps people feel more at ease. We now have guests that repeatedly book Cardy and Drummochy so they can use the Closomat. Having the Closomats in two of our four lodges mean people have the choice to book whichever accommodation best suits their needs.”

The Closomat shower toilet was the first of its kind to be introduced in the UK, and is now the established brand leader. The only shower toilet developed specifically for disabled people, it is also the only one manufactured in the UK, and which can be accessorised initially and retrospectively to accommodate user’s needs as they change with time.

Since the Closomat was first introduced over 55 years ago, more than 57,000 have been sold, many of which are still in daily use at least 30 years after being first installed.

Closomat is also unique in giving clients a complete in-house support package- design/ specification advice, supply, install, commissioning, and ongoing service & maintenance.

Explains Robin Tuffley, Closomat marketing manger, “If you have a limitation, something like a Closomat is life-changing, as our clients repeatedly tell us. It’s of paramount importance therefore, in our eyes, that our clients, whether private individuals or an organisation, can be assured we are there to help, throughout.”