In the run up to Remembrance Day 2015, Give Us Time, a charity launched by Dr. Liam Fox MP, for the Armed Forces, is appealing to owners and managers of holiday homes, hotels and timeshares to donate accommodation to British military personnel and their families.

Since 2001, more than 458 British forces personnel have lost their lives in Afghanistan, more than 2,000 have experienced physical or psychological damage, and families across the country have seen their lives profoundly changed.

Recognising the impact an operational tour can have, Give Us Time takes one-week holidays donated by hosts and matches them with British soldiers in need of rest, rehabilitation and reconnection with their families.

In 2015, Centre Parcs generously donated 25 holidays to military personnel and Club La Costa donated 40 holidays. The charity is hoping to increase its number of partners in the hospitality sector this year.

Karen Hay, Chief Executive, Give Us Time, says: “Remembrance Day, which falls on 8th November this year, is a timely reminder of the sacrifices military personnel have made and the impact serving in the military has had on their families. We are asking businesses in the hospitality sector to contribute to Give Us Time’s initiative. It is easy to donate spare capacity accommodation via our website.

“A simple holiday in a neutral environment, away from the responsibilities of day-to-day life, can have a transformative effect. The hosts that we currently work with can clearly see that they are making a real contribution to military personnel and their families, and it ties in with their Corporate Social Responsibility.”

Reverend Gary MW Keith CF comments: “Give Us Time holidays really do provide the time and space needed to spend good quality, family time together away from the high-pressure tempo of military life. Without them I couldn’t fulfill my role in the military and I suspect that is true for many.”


To find out more or donate a holiday, please visit, and follow us on Twitter @GiveUsTime