Hotel Technologies Unveiling One-Stop Charge-and-Play Audio Solution at IHMRS

Today Hotel Technologies is introducing a new iHome® audio solution for hotels that can accommodate the charging and playing of all 6.5 billion mobile devices in the marketplace. The new iHome HDL99 can accommodate virtually all iPhone/iPad/iPod models PLUS Android, Blackberry and Windows phone/tablet devices. The iHome HDL99 is on display in Booth No. 2720 at the International Hotel/Motel & Restaurant Show, November 9 to 12, at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York.

“Today’s mobile travelers are demanding more options for charging and playing the assortment of smartphones and tablets that they are bringing to hotels,” said Ely Ashkenazi, Hotel Technologies National Sales Manager. “In one guestroom we are seeing multiple family members traveling with a variety of devices from multiple manufacturers. Dad brings his MacBook and iPhone 5S, Mom has an Android smartphone and a Windows laptop, an older child has an iPhone 5C and iPad Mini while the younger child has a legacy blackberry and generic MP3 player. In this scenario, two docks certainly are better than one.” The iHome HDL99 offers USB charging for virtually all smartphones and tablets, PLUS it features a Lightning connector for iPhone 5 and newer generation iPad models AND a 30-Pin connector for all other iPhone/iPad devices. “Hotel owners cannot be expected to upgrade in-room electronics each time a new smartphone or tablet version is released,” Ashkenazi said. “There are still 100 million iPhone 4S models in the market. It will be a long time before they are obsolete. That’s why Hotel Technologies developed the iHome HDL99 — it’s technology that will remain ‘new’ for a long time. Not only is this in-room electronics amenity exceeding guests’ expectations, but it is meeting hoteliers’ demands for adaptability, affordability, longevity and design.” Dual Dock Alarm Clock In addition to its multi-unit charging and docking capabilities, the iHome HDL99 contains all the features that travelers have come to expect and rely on, such as the ability to wake to their iPad (4th generation), iPad mini, iPhone 5, 30-pin iPod/iPad/iPhone, FM radio, or alarm buzzer. Easy-to-set alarm instructions are printed on the cabinet. The Single Day Alarm feature prevents unwanted alarms from sounding, and the unit’s Sure Alarm battery backup maintains clock setting and protects alarm wake time in case of power failures. The iHome HDL99 also contains a Gentle Wake feature that peacefully alerts guests with gently ascending alarm volume. The unit also sports Alarm Backup for iPod. If “iPod” is the selected as the wake source but the device is not docked, a buzzer will sound instead. The iHome HDL99 also features clear FM reception, PLL digital radio tuning, display of radio frequency/volume level and three preset buttons for FM stations. The security tether makes it tamper proof, and an extra-large backlit digital display makes the time easy to see. High-fidelity stereo is achieved through the units famed Reson8 speakers to deliver astounding clarity, depth, and power. A high/low volume limiter also is present to control sound in large or small rooms. Guests can relax to Nature Sounds and rest assured knowing that the unit’s Time Sync feature will instantly set the clock to always- current iPhone time. For more information on the iHome HDL99, visit Hotel Technologies in Booth #2720 at IHMRS.

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