How Hotels Are Using Tech to Improve Guest Experiences

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Today, hotel guests want more than just a place to spend the night. They want a tailor-made, one-of-a-kind experience. That might seem like a high expectation, but it’s now easier than ever before to offer guests this type of stay thanks to innovations in technology. And there’s a lot of technology that hotels can benefit from to improve guest experiences. Below are just a few of the ways that hotels are making this happen.

Smart Technology in Rooms

One of the most common tech additions that hotels are implementing all over the world include smart, automated rooms. This is a huge attraction for guests. Guests can easily change most of their rooms’ functions from a smartphone or tablet, such as the temperature of their room (from wherever they are). They can control the lights, curtains, TV, radio, alarm, room service, cleaning service, and energy use from a smart device.

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Further, many hotels now offer mobile room keys for unlocking guests’ rooms, allow guests to chat with a service bot for basic questions and needs, and offer a complimentary personal assistant for the duration of guests’ stays. Unlike hotel staff, the chatbot and AI assistant are available 24/7 so a guest never has to worry about someone being unavailable.

More Personalized Experiences

But for many guests, what’s even better than smart tech and automated rooms is that the hotel then stores all of this data and remembers guests’ preferences. So, the next time a guest goes back to that hotel — or even if he goes to another location of that hotel — the system will remember him and be able to offer him a more personalized room experience with all of his desired settings and needs are already taken care of.

The hotel’s system will also remember what you buy and what you like. As a result, the hotel might offer you personalized gifts or rewards. A more personalized experience is a huge selling point with guests, and it’s a way for hotels to win over guests and keep them coming back for more.

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VR Tours

Virtual reality has been proving to have more applications than we ever imagined, like virtual shopping and employee training. But it’s also proving to have many uses in the hospitality industry, like VR dining and tourism. Restaurants are using VR to change the way diners see and even taste a meal, and travel businesses and hotels are encouraging prospective customers to “try before they buy” with VR.

For luxury hotels, VR tours are a great way to cater to a wealthy clientele. VR tours can show off exotic, exclusive destinations and resorts in a way that photos can’t. They can allow prospective clients to get a taste of what the trip would be like before even booking it. And once they’ve got that taste, would they be able to say no to the real deal? After all, how many other hotels can offer them such a one-of-a-kind experience before they even get there?

Upgraded POS Systems

Waiting ages to pay for a hotel room, a meal, or hotel service can leave many hotel guests feeling neglected and frustrated. It’s one of the easiest ways that hotels can get a negative review or lose clientele, even if a guest’s experience was great up until that point. And now, with all of the tech available, there’s really no excuse for hotels to keep using outdated POS systems. Guests will be happier, employees will be happier, and management will be happier. It’s a win-win-win.

Beyond paying for a hotel room or service, a mobile POS system can greatly improve customer satisfaction in hotel restaurants, gift shops, and beyond. There are many POS systems available specifically for hotel use, with offerings like customer-relationship management, analytical reporting, inventory tracking, all-in-one billing, and mobile ordering. The last two, in particular, are the biggest attractions for guests. Guests can order food online at the hotel’s restaurant or to their room, and then take care of all of their expenses from their entire stay in one quick bill when it’s time to go.