How payments tech can enhance how customers experience your restaurant or cafe

Today’s customers expect a lot from restaurants and cafes. Your food has to taste amazing, the service has to be impeccable, and food presentation Instagram-ready. In addition, the dining experience is as important as the meal itself, and restaurateurs spend a lot of time on creating an impeccable experience – from dining to décor.

What’s often forgotten is that the speed at which a customer can get their bill, pay and depart the restaurant is also an important part of the process.  A fast and efficient payment experience is taken for granted.  But, sadly, a poor payment process will leave your customers ready to share their bad experience all over social media and elsewhere, including restaurant review sites. This means, your table turnover may be affected.

The good news is you can boost your customer experience and reduce waiting times by investing in a payment system that has faster processing speed, and mobile/portable capabilities that can help improve staff efficiency, increase table turnover and create an overall better dining experience.

Point-of-sale (POS) hardware or system upgrade

Often, paying the bill is the last thing customers do before they leave a pub, café, or restaurant. If it delays their departure, it can affect their entire dining experience with your restaurant. Instead of remembering the food, drink, or the atmosphere you provided, they will be left to dwell on the awful 30-minute delay at the end.

Take this anonymous one-star customer review for example:

“[The] Aylesbury branch [had] absolutely terrible customer service. [I] just wanted to get in and out quickly with three kids. [The] meals were average and took forever with the card machine not working…Won’t be coming back.”

A slow POS interrupts your customers’ plans to move on with their day. An upgraded POS system with fast processing speed will make payments seamless so your customers’ end their interaction with you on a good note.

Launching a new payment method

Mobile POS systems have become wildly popular they allow your staff to take payments from customers at the table.  It avoids customers having to go to the reception or payments desk.

In addition, given these days of managing a lean restaurant, wait staff are multi-tasking: taking orders, serving, and taking payments.  In a busy environment with limited staff, it can be hard to get from table to table efficiently and quickly enough, and customers can become impatient trying to get their server’s attention.  Having a payments system that allows staff to draw down the order details for their table, without having to return to the centralised till, will allow your restaurant or café to provide an even faster service.

Wagamamas employs Sage Pay’s payment solution. Their staff carry a hand-held device in their pockets, which allows them to close the bill and take payments at the table without going back and forth to the till. Splitting the bill is easy and managed on-the-spot. Every terminal works on its own, so if one goes down, it doesn’t affect the others. In addition, terminals are designed to take payments in offline mode which ensures your business never misses out on a sale because of internet connection issues.

An advanced POS system can lead the way in helping your restaurant to run more efficiently. Sage Pay processes over 258 million payments worth £21 billion each year and integrates with your EPOS solution, so you can expect reliability, security, and consistent uptime. At a speed of 1.7s per transaction, Sage Pay has the second fastest payment gateway in the world. All of our devices come preconfigured, and there’s a 24/7 support team in place to answer any queries.

See how Sage Pay’s Pay@Table works in action and how you could improve customer experience with a simple upgrade. Contact one of our experts today.