Hotels can best help avoid a ‘second wave’ of coronavirus by protecting its staff and customers with a new and unique ‘pedal-operated’ hand sanitiser dispenser.

The hospitality industry is preparing to open its doors this weekend for the first time in three-and-a-half months since hotels were forced to close in order to stop the spread of Covid-19 in March.

However, from this Saturday (July 4), hotels will be allowed to re-open and welcome customers inside with certain restrictions, including more use of hand sanitiser.

Recently, chemical distribution company, Chemtra Limited, introduced the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station as the UK’s first completely touch-free wireless dispenser. With its practical pedal-operation, the user simply places their hands under the dispenser, presses their foot down onto the pedal and out squeezes the gel.

The dispenser can be placed at entrances to hotels or at a chosen location inside and has been introduced to help protect staff and customers from a major resurgence of Covid-19. Available to buy online for £299, the stand has seen a huge increase in sales over the past month, according to Chemtra, as the hospitality industry prepares to welcome back customers.

Along with the sanitising dispenser, Chemtra offer an 80 per cent alcohol sanitising solution which is EN1500 certified and World Health Organisation (WHO) formulation 1 approved. Jesse Palle, managing director at Chemtra Limited, says this allows hotels to return to work in a safe and clean environment and enables customers to enjoy their hotel experience with confidence.

The Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station holds five litres of sanitising gel – enough for around 5,000 pumps – and hotels can even customise the dispenser with their own corporate colours and logo.

Mr Palle said: “When it was launched the Igieniko Hand Sanitiser Station had the honour of being the very first dispenser in the UK to be able to offer ‘pedal-operated’ technology and is an ideal solution for hotels and businesses in the hospitality sector. It can help keep employees and customers safe from touching a potentially contaminated hand sanitiser dispenser, stop the spread of coronavirus and avoid a second wave.

“The stand requires no cables, batteries or mains power and is completely wireless. It’s light in weight and can be positioned wherever hotel owners would like to place it. It has been designed with the customer in mind, ensuring a better user experience and safer operation for people of various heights.

“The stand’s five-litre unit capacity, means staff do not have to be constantly refilling the dispenser from plastic bottles, so it’s a very environmentally friendly option. Customers also like the fact they can customise the dispenser to match their branding too.”