Ice Makers have historical health related issues, particularly in hard water areas where scale deposits will provide the areas and nutrients for bacteria to accumulate. Excessive hard water may also result in potentially expensive and equally important, inconvenient essential maintenance or worse case scenario, premature equipment replacement.

Traditional Salt based ion-exchange water softening, some of the more recent innovative media processes or Reverse Osmosis (RO) are the only guaranteed protection from hard water, but all require space, capital investment, after sales service and management, but essential in conjunction with Laundry/Dish/Glasswashing Machines and/or steam generating or other comparable total evaporation processes.

Selection from the wide ranging water conditioning devices now available can be challenging from over enthusiastic sales claims, inappropriate applications or simply inferior technology and some are seriously expensive with micro processors, programming, commissioning and potential BMS options.

In the absence of any empirical evidence or definitive conclusions published by independent recognised bodies, British Gas invested over two million pounds conducting their own investigative product comparison evaluations @ 10 years ago and subsequently adopted the SUPRION with now over 70,000 installations for water heating appliances.

These would be the more obvious applications, but ICEMAKERS and/or REFRIGERATED WATER DISPENSERS have proved extremely successful beneficiaries since the internal areas provide an ideal environment for bacteria if not regularly maintained, de-scaled or appropriate treatment included to the feed water supply; artificially/chemically salt based softening systems should not be used due to the increased sodium concentration and not therefore compliant with PCV’s (prescribed concentration values) for potable supplies.

Standard carbon filters will only remove dirt, rust, sediment taste/odour and replacement food grade resin based systems can prove expensive to maintain a calcium free supply, especially in respect of single feed “self flushing” machines.

Following a trial on several banqueting Ice-Makers of various manufacturers at The London Hilton back in 1990, the SUPRION was subsequently adopted by FOSTER REFRIGERATOR following their own test evaluations and now being or been fitted throughout numerous high street restaurants chains during the last 25 years as a economic, practical and effective solution of inhibiting hard water scale related issues in Ice-Makers.

The 15mm (1/2″) SUPRION for Ice Makers is a relatively low cost, non magnetic, non sacrificial “fit and forget” plumbing fitting with no moving parts and no dedicated power supply requirement and provide long term scale control for a minimum 10 years.

The SUPRION is also available in a progressive range of sizes up to 450mm (18″) diameter for numerous commercial applications.

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