Inspirational LED Lighting Schemes from tp24

tp24, LED lighting specialists are being increasingly called upon to provide their LED light fittings for installation within many hotels, bars and restaurants. Designers are only too aware that the use of light in the hospitality industry sector plays a key role in the presentation of the service being offered at the venue, and the creation of a complementary ambience to promote a pleasing environment to dine, relax or work.

In addition, with increasing pressure for buildings to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient, the choice of lighting products has to be carefully considered. With maintenance costs being constantly scrutinised, high efficiency, long life, energy saving LED lighting provides the ideal solution, whether they are for a small boutique Bed & Breakfast, a 200 bedroom Luxury Hotel or an intimate Wine Bar.

With an expansive range of over 400 products, tp24 will work closely with you, so whether you desire the contemporary styling of their unique Abstract range, or something more classical and glamourous from their decorative Pendant range, you can rely upon tp24 to deliver a low energy LED lighting scheme that enhances your environment.

Whether tp24 are working with an interior designer on the selection of a statement light fitting for a hotel foyer, subtle table lamps for a lounge bar, or something funky for a trendy restaurant.a luxury apartment, a dedication to delivering a premium product and service remains.  Once an order has been placed, the aftercare service  includes a stringent quality assurance of each product prior to hand boxed packaging, labelling and rapid dispatch to the desired location.  tp24 will even provide a fittings schedule, which will include the specified room and height at which each product should be installed – nothing is left to chance.

Since its launch early 2017, tp24’s revolutionary Abstract range has captured the imagination of interior designers who are keen to offer their clients’ something different. The revolutionary design of Abstract enables consumers to create their own light fitting, where each space can be illuminated with its own tailored LED lighting solution. A change in the orientation of the arm, removing the arm or swapping for an alternative arm design can provide a totally different lighting effect. Furthermore, each LED arm has built in dimming so the light levels of the fitting are easily controlled to complement the ambience, and the lamps/arms are all replaceable.

Let’s now consider the key areas and what style of lighting works best

  1. Reception and Lobby

The reception and lobby area is the guests’ first experience with your business, which means you need to design this space with the aim of making a positive first impression. Lighting can evoke a variety of moods, so select a light level and aesthetic that suits the mood your brand wants to convey. Also, as this will tend to be a busy area, illuminate key places, like the reception desk, and strategically place fixtures to naturally guide visitors in the appropriate directions.

  1. Hallways

Even without natural daylight you can make corridors brighter, safer, and add visual interest by upgrading to higher quality illumination and adding accent lights over artwork, plants, and other décor, creating an interest to an otherwise purely functional location within the building.

  1. Guest Rooms

In order to accommodate the expectations of all customers, consider including a variety of lighting options in the guest rooms. For example, by having a combination of lamps, overhead lights, and task lighting, guests can choose how to best illuminate their rooms. Furthermore, by installing dimmers and other controls, they have the power to adjust light levels from day to night.

  1. Restaurants, Bars, and Lounges

Restaurants must provide a range of moods throughout the day, as they cater to breakfast, lunch, and dinner customers. Therefore, consider changing the lighting at each meal time to create the right ambiance for the different groups. For instance, bright lights might work well for morning diners, but dimmer, more relaxing light is best suited for evening diners.

Bars and lounges usually keep lower ambient light at all hours, but having the option for full illumination will be beneficial and prove practical if the room is used for a different event and of course for cleaning or maintenance purposes.

  1. Conference and Meeting Rooms

Providing a space where people can work efficiently and comfortably is crucial for getting repeat business visitors. Again, provide a combination of lighting options, such as natural, adjustable ambient, and task lighting. Include dimmers and other controls — especially if the room is a multipurpose area which might also serve as a ball room or function venue.

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