Intelligent Glass

A brief history

The history of Intelligent Glass begins 12 years ago when its parent company – innovative British technology firm Pro Display – was using Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) film as a rear projection screen that could switch clear when not in use.

After realising the potential for this ‘switchable film’ as a frosted glass privacy solution, Intelligent Glass was born.

Intelligent Glass has since developed the widest range of smart glass products on the market, and has already been installed in venues around the world including hotels, health spas, clinics, gyms, meeting rooms, corporate boardrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.

The Intelligent Glass range

Known today for product quality, reliability, and flexibility of installation, Intelligent Glass has developed its technology into a full range of smart glass solutions.

The Intelligent Glass range includes:

Unlike blinds or curtains, Intelligent Glass provides instant privacy without restricting the flow of light, transforming dark corridors into airy spaces. And of course, Intelligent Glass is a futuristic technology with minimalist styling that will wow any visitor.

Intelligent Glass has excellent insulating properties against heat loss, UV light and sound transmission too. Our double glazing goes even further, with warm edge spacers, low E/low iron glass, and argon filling, adding excellent energy performance into the mix.

It’s also as simple as a light bulb to operate, meaning that it can be integrated into room control and automation systems.

Recent innovation

Our innovative battery-powered smart glass door vision panel is ready to hit the market. Designed for applications such as meeting rooms, staff rooms, entry doors and more.

The battery-powered panels remove the need for expensive and disruptive cabling work, as all of the switching and power components are contained in a small unit concealed within the door itself, just like the body of a mortise lock.

Smart glass on a smart new website

Intelligent Glass recently relaunched its website, making it easier to read on mobile devices whilst also adding more images and videos of its switchable smart glass in action.

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