Introducing Linea, a NEW LED line light source from the URBAN collection of Sforzin illuminazione.

Linea is a technical light system that is made using flexible LED linear lighting elements.

Made with a harmonic steel core, Linea can be placed between two walls to a distance of up to 10mtrs without the need for additional, unsightly, hanging wires.

The flexibility of Linea means it can also fixed on an angle due to the high tensile joints at either ends of the system.

Additional brackets (when fixed to the steel core) allows Linea to be mounted vertically or horizontally onto ceilings or walls, freeing the designer to create interesting shapes or follow room contours.

The cover encompassing the LED strip is made from silicone and creates a consistent diffusion of light that emanates from both side plains.

Linea uses two high power LED strips that are mounted onto the steel core. These opposing LED strips create an all round light effect with a combined power of up to 1,900 lumens/meter.

Various driver installation options are available from surface to remote.


The LED strip can be cut every 50mm and provides the following lumen packages per mtr:

1 Mt. LED 20W 3000°K / 1900 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 1700 Lumen CRI 90

2 Mt. LED 40W 3000°K / 3800 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 3400 Lumen CRI 90

3 Mt. LED 60W 3000°K / 5700 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 5100 Lumen CRI 90

4 Mt. LED 80W 3000°K / 7600 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 6800 Lumen CRI 90

5 Mt. LED 100W 3000°K / 9500 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 8500 Lumen CRI 90

6 Mt. LED 120W 3000°K / 11400 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 10200 Lumen CRI 90

7 Mt. LED 140W 3000°K / 13300 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 11900 Lumen CRI 90

8 Mt. LED 160W 3000°K / 15200 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 13600 Lumen CRI 90

9 Mt. LED 180W 3000°K / 17100 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 15300 Lumen CRI 90

10 Mt. LED 200W 3000°K / 19000 Lumen CRI 90

2700°K / 17000 Lumen CRI 90