Is upholstered furniture the key to improving guest experience?

We’ve noticed a trend recently, and it’s not a great trend, it’s the uncomfortable furniture that’s sweeping across bars and restaurants.

In today’s fast-paced world this is entirely by design. There’s only so long a person can sit on a metal stool making them perfect for busy spaces where fast turnover is key and are a godsend for being easy to clean and replace. But for more laid back spaces where customer experience is prized, they simply don’t work.

For these places, comfort is king. By having comfortable furniture guests are encouraged to stay longer, are more willing to tell their friends, and more likely to come back again. Upholstered seating also signals as high-end in the customer’s mind, so make sure you have the service to match.

Your furniture is the key to giving off the right vibe and letting patrons experience the feelings that you want them to feel. The colours, materials, and styles you choose will help tell the story of your establishment.

Ask yourself the following two questions: what mood do I want to set? What type of people do I want to attract? Then think how the upholstery of your restaurant furniture can answer those questions.

For example, let’s say you have a sophisticated wine and prosecco bar. You want to set a relaxed, lounging mood and you want to attract a crowd with more expensive taste, the type that aren’t there to get drunk but to enjoy and savour your drinks. It’s the perfect place for a group to kick back and catch up with each other.

Would dark leather armchairs work here? Unlikely.

How about durable hessian weave fabric sofas? Close.

The glamorous collection of velvet Primrose chairs or the Heather chairs? Now we’re talking. These chairs give off the glamorous, high-end vibe such a bar demands.

At first, upholstery may seem like a small detail with little consequence, but look closer and you’ll see how big a role it plays in setting the atmosphere and influencing customer satisfaction.

Restaurant chairs don’t have to be uniform either. They can be mixed and matched as you please.

Mixing and matching either the colours, styles, or types of upholstery is a brilliant way to create contrast in a restaurant. However, there is a simple rule you must follow to get it right and not have your space be a chaotic flood of furniture. Ironically, it’s having consistency.

If you want different colours, stick to the same upholstery. And likewise, if you want different shapes and upholstery, stick to the same colour. This consistency is what allows the inconsistent look to work. It’s weird like that.

The Heather collection of upholstered velvet furniture is perfect for giving a solid and reliable consistent shape with a mixture of different colours

Upholstered furniture is something that should be seriously considered for establishments wanting to break from the norm. But bear in mind that the furniture that can make one bar may break another. It’s about finding what works and tells the right story.


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