Knauf AMF add shine and colour to create a stylish resort

Amarin is a stylish hotel in the popular coastal resort of Rovinj in Croatia. Part of leading hospitality company, Maistra AG, this contemporary new resort combines style and luxury throughout its recreation and relaxation spaces. Acoustic ceiling systems from Knauf AMF were chosen to provide the necessary sound absorption required to ensure the hotel’s active and quieter zones work in harmony.

Guests are welcomed in the hotel’s spacious and elegant reception area. For the ceiling design, 700m² AMF Mondena System A metal ceilings were installed to enhance the chic, polished interior and add a visual contrast to the smooth white surfaces around the hotel entrance. The ceiling was fitted using a concealed grid system. The 412 x 1215mm planks sit together to form an almost seamless, mirror-finished surface.

AMF Mondena metal ceilings are ideal for this opulent reception area because they offer excellent sound absorption, improving speech intelligibility. The sound absorption of AMF Mondena ceilings also help create a relaxing ambience in the hotel bar and lounge. The polished surfaces of the metal ceiling and wall around the bar reflect each other creating the impression that they flow into one another.

The architect created visual contrasts in his interior design to help define the active from the quiet areas. The recreation spaces are brightly coloured which accentuate the external landscape. Natural colours add warmth and were chosen for the accommodation and relaxation areas. With its unique, organic wood-wool woven surface, Heradesign was the perfect choice for helping the architect to realise his vision, it can be specified in any colour enabling true design freedom.

1,770m² Heradesign is installed throughout the hotel in a palette of different colours. Aesthetics are not the only characteristics that set Heradesign apart; it offers outstanding Class A sound absorption which effectively reduces intrusive background noise coming from the activity zones and ensures guests relaxing in the quieter areas are not disturbed.

Heradesign has high relative humidity of up to 90% RH and can withstand wet conditions which is why it was chosen for the hotel’s indoor swimming pool and spa. This potentially noisy space also benefits from the superior acoustic characteristics of Heradesign which help create a pleasant leisure environment.

The hotel was built in just 18 months at the cost of €40 million. Knauf AMF were instrumental in ensuring the deadline was met within budget. The team were on site to assist with the ceiling plans, offer support with the installation, and provide advice on selecting materials that satisfied both the acoustic and design needs of the hotel.

The team at Knauf AMF has unrivalled experience when it comes to creating stunning and stylish interiors. To find out how Knauf AMF can contribute to the success of your project visit, call 0191 518 8600 or email