Living in a Bubble is about a room with a view… CASABUBBLE, an eco-friendly tent that brings you closer to the sky.

Relax and dream on a bed or in a jacuzzi, or create your events taken to the next level: go luxury and live in an inflatable bubble, or give your business an innovative trend!

CASABUBBLE is the new solution for your outdoor comfort and your private or public events…

Why invest more and spend a lot of time building a structure that will require you to apply for a building permit?

Glamping on your land is all about the luxury camping experience: great comfort, beautiful surroundings, unique setting. This is what CasaBubble tries to provide with its innovative Bubble tents.

Completely structure-less and virtualy roofless, the Bubbles are held in shape with inside positive pressure, thanks to a very silent turbine that constantly blows air inside. The air is filtered and finally almost ten times more clean than outside! The ideal solution for children and people with asthma.

They are made out of the last generation very resistant PVC, and are meant for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent outdoor accommodation. Which means you can set them up anywhere and enjoy the most wonderful landscapes, whilst being in a cute cocoon!

Completely modular, our limitless concept allows you to let your imagination run free, and create your own dreams structure. Whatever the number and size of the Bubbles assembled.

Available sizes from 7 feet to 33 feet.

The impact on the environment is nearly nonexistant: very little material is needed to manufacture the Bubbles, and PVC is 100% recyclable.

Plus, the turbines that hold the domes in shape are very low-energy consuming – from 43 Watts for the ECO version, the equivalent of an standard electric light bulb.

With its NEW SOLAR PACK (the Solar Box), CasaBubble offers the possibility to set up your Bubble in the middle of nowhere, far from any electricity source, almost everywhere in the world!

With their optional wooden base, the bubbles can be furnished like a real home. You can put a queen or king-size bed inside, create a living room, a cozy breakfast space, and even a children bedroom or bathroom if you choose a larger structure like the Bubble DeLuxe or the Penthouse Bubble.

Plus, an air filter avoids condensation or mold, and keeps allergens, pollens and bugs away! You can enjoy all kinds of natural environments without giving up any comfort!

The spherical shape is known to provide a very calming sensation when people are inside: they instinctively speak more softly and feel more relaxed. Isn’t it what a relaxing cession is about?

With larger domes, up to 30 feet diameter, you can set up the domes for public or private events.

We are located in the USA, Canada and France, and deliver worldwide.

Do you want to create your own customized structure? Casabubble will bring your dreams to life.

For details on how we can help you in your projetc, please contact us on:

CASABUBBLE in USA/Canada: +1(805)426-5278 (also WhatsApp or Skype)

LA-MAISON-BULLE.COM in France: +33(0)6-8627-9168 (also WhatsApp or Skype),

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