Look and feel for White Glo

Developed in Australia by White Glo Head Dentist Dr. Gerorge in Sydney Australia, White Glo 2-in-1 with Mouthwash is a Whitening Toothpaste combines cues of a premium cosmetics product and that of high tech science which can leave the whole mouth refreshed for up to 12 hours whilst whitening teeth effectively. A range of travel sizes (3g-24g) to suit any application. This premium look and feel is thought to add a little excitement to hotel guests when they walk into the bathroom. Feel a noticeably more refreshed mouth after using this product.

Add to the guest experience

It’s one little element that adds to the guests’ overall experience. White Glo is Australian No.1 Oral Care brand and the fastest growing brand internationally (50 countries+) that can add a little ‘specialness’ to hotel guest satisfaction.

White Glo also partners with major films and stars such as Men in Black and Charlies Angels in 2019.

Why is this product better than anything similar in this market?

White Glo is the only 2-in-1 with mouthwash toothpaste existing in the market with different size from 3g to 24g. There’s no need for an extra mouthwash which can save cost and reduce waste for hotels. Best of all the user experience is enhanced from getting the benefit of two products in one easy process.


In 2020, White Glo will launch the sustainable edition of 2-in-1 with Mouthwash Toothpaste in a 100% biodegradable paper sachet – 2in1 with Mouthwash Dry Toothpaste. Once the dry toothpaste touches water, the dry toothpaste will turn into normal paste giving guests that familiar White Glo brushing experience. Best of all there is no zero impact to the environment.