LUXURY OUTDOOR DINING ALL YEAR ROUND The fully retractable Cantabria canopy system from Canopies UK

Create additional covers and dining space that’s fit for purpose and delivers the best return on investment, whatever the weather, with the Cantabria canopy system from Canopies UK.

Controlled by a single handheld remote or smart device, the Cantabria’s roof and wall screens work independently of each other and can be fully or partially closed at the touch of a button.

Transforming an open area into a fully enclosed, luxury dining space, party venue or function room in less than 60 seconds, the Cantabria is the ideal solution for venues looking to:

  • Increase covers with a versatile, high quality outdoor offering
  • Maximise views day and night
  • Create a completely new environment for guests to enjoy all year round

Superior weather protection

The Cantabria’s durable aluminium frame, integrated guttering, waterproof roof and glass fibre fabric screens combine to make an environment that you can use all year round, safe in the knowledge that it is completely UV protected and safe in wind speeds of up to 60km/h.

Intelligent features like FixScreenTM, which provides shelter from the wind in any position, and the built in brushes, which remove autumn debris as the fabric retracts, make these modular canopies low maintenance and highly reliable in all weathers.  

Return on investment

Available in any length and in projections of up to six metres, installing a new Cantabria canopy not only gives you a flexible outdoor function space, but can also provide in excess of 46 additional covers1 whenever you need them – meaning you could see a return on your investment far sooner than you think.

Tailored to your requirements

Personalise your Cantabria with a variety of window and door options, as well as a colour palette of 10 roof colours, 50 side and front colours and a variety of aluminium frame coatings. With electric heating and LED lighting as standard, styling your canopy to suit your business couldn’t be easier.

With fully automated screens that retract in a matter of seconds, guaranteed high quality craftsmanship and a sleek modern design suited to any type of building, it’s no wonder the Cantabria is rapidly becoming the canopy of choice for hotels and hospitality venues looking to offer al fresco dining all year round.


For more information about The Cantabria from Canopies UK visit or to speak to one of our specialists by calling 01254 777 002.


*Based on a canopy size of 12m x 6m