Do you have that Magic Touch? One Printer, Multiple Solutions

In today’s fast paced world and demand for customer satisfaction it is imperative to create a ‘stand out personalised customer experience’.

Anything from menus, banners, flyers, price lists to promotional merchandise and staff clothing can be customised on the spot in house in minutes. You do not need to be a professional designer or graphic artist. Just a bit of computer literacy and some set up training and you will be amazed at what can be achieved in just a few short minutes.

OKI and THEMAGICTOUCH have been in partnership for close to 25 years now and have developed a solution fit for the industry with a low investment level that will provide returns within a few months.

Being able to differentiate your business within the hospitality sector is critical to its survival. Presenting a customer with a curled up menu with drinks spill is not a great starting point. Being able to simply print on demand a menu of the day and even personalise to a group booking will make a great first impression. Various types of media and substrates can be used with direct print to paper media and transfer print to substrates and garments.

The company offer the latest in white-toner printer technology with the new A3 TMT/OKI PRO8432WT model. The printer maintains the 5-star rating for compatibility with all the 9 different transfer papers available from TheMagicTouch, with each paper offering unique market opportunities with multiple printable product options.

Using the latest white-toner technology the range of printable applications continues to grow and includes 100% cotton, denim, nylon, polyester, performance fabrics and even leather, all regardless of colour. The printer when not printing one of the 9 different transfer papers can still function as a traditional colour printer with the ability to also print plain paper, wristbands, labels and a host of traditional and coloured paper stock.

TheMagicTouch allows those yet to benefit from transfers to do so without the financial risk or capital investment normally associated.  Jim Nicol, Managing Director TheMagictouch added “Customers today, at all levels, expect more in regard to customer service. When presenting customers with a personalised menu of the day for example, the reaction is always positive, and that’s what sales is all about. Being able to do on the spot specials or promotions by printing out on demand flyers, posters etc ensures your customers are impressed when you make a bit more effort and do something a little different to gain their trust and attention”.

TheMagicTouch continue to host various open-house events together with regional roadshows throughout the year where the new printer will be available for evaluation. The company from their UK headquarters in Dunstable offer a host of other transfer solutions including the MagiCut range of textile vinyl, sublimation, printable consumables, heat press equipment, and eco-solvent based technologies and printers.

For more information please contact TheMagictouch on

Tel: 01582 671444 or visit and view some videos on what can be done.