MELJAC offers architects, decorators, electricians and private individuals a large range of options

Created in 1995 by André Bousquet, the company designs high-quality electrical equipment using the finest materials as brass, glass, Limoges porcelain, semi-precious stones… Inspired by the lifestyle of the 1930s, symbolised by the drop-shaped toggle switch, he designed a product with impeccable aesthetic qualities. Today, this innovation remains the company’s strength.

With about 10 collections, MELJAC offers architects, decorators, electricians and private individuals a large range of options: switches, sockets, table lamps, reading lights, thermostats, home automation systems etc. Meljac adapts its products with the different foreign power sockets. The plate sizes change according to the country and back boxes.

The brand is also renowned for its made-to-measure creations.

Besides designing new ranges, the E&D teams also study all requests for custom-made products.

Several mechanisms, equipment combinations, casings, customization…

With very specific knowledge of the hospitality sector, MELJAC can meet the most specific needs with products tailored to each special requirement.

Conventional switches and home automation systems, reading lamps, bells, thermostats, HVAC controls, card readers, but also door plates with engravings of room numbers and other indoor signages.

MELJAC now installs sophisticated multimedia systems as mediaHub TeleAdapt. Hotel guests can choose all kind of connectors, USB, USB2, HDMI, Bluetooth, remote activation…

Its innovation and working methods are at the heart of its development, guaranteeing an optimum quality. Handcrafted in our workshops located in France, the MELJAC products are the result of several skills applied to: engineering, machining, engraving, chamfering, insert installation, stamping, polishing, plate and screws surface treatment (baths and rinses), brushing, coating, assembly and packaging of the product

The brand is sold in 60 countries, and has 40 authorized dealers in France and 23 abroad.

Some references: the Palace of Versailles, the Louvre Museum, the Horta Museum in Brussels, the Four Seasons Hotel George V, the Meurice, the Royal Monceau, the Royal Mansour and the Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, the Intercontinental in Geneva, the Danieli Hotel in Venice…

All products are ‘Origine France Garantie’ labeled.  MELJAC is the first company in its business sector to obtain the EPV label (Living Heritage Company).

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