Merry Christmas to you from all at Longthorne!!

We hope you are all well and enjoying Game Season.

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We now have an ‘Owners Area’ on our website. Development of this is ongoing, the intention being to offer benefits to our Longthorne ‘Parents’, you have to register on the web site to gain entry to this (top right hand corner),  we also post owners photographs and have information about caring for your gun.

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End of season service

If you are sending your gun in for service next year, please check with us first as to which shop to send them back via if you are not delivering it yourself.  Regretfully, It has become apparent that here are some shops who don’t like the fact that we are ‘competition’ particularly if they are a dealer of another brand of shotgun,  and  as such take any opportunity to  portray us in a negative light, we have also had incidents of shotguns arriving damaged between taking possession from the owner and arriving at Longthorne HQ.  We are currently compiling a list of trusted and approved shops.

If you do have to leave your gun with anyone, we would recommend you photograph it while they are present to ensure there is no damage prior to leaving it, paying particular attention to the wood, barrels and any decorative parts

Also take care when allowing anyone to handle or clean your gun at shoots, unfortunately the same applies, although there are some great professional loaders out there, if they work for shooting grounds affiliated to other brands they can sometimes take great pleasure in speaking negatively about ‘Longthorne’ and not always taking due care with your gun.

The cost of our service is £250.00 including vat (first year service is free of charge for original owner) plus freight costs.

If you have a pair of guns or more you receive a 10% discount off the price of a service

Website Shop

We are developing this gradually, concentrating on English made products

Christmas holidays

Shows so far for 2019

The Game Fair,  IWA Nuremberg, The Northern Shooitng Show, The Wingshooting Fair