Methven helps UK Hotel Reduce Water and Energy Costs

Leading shower and tapware designer, Methven UK, has been instrumental in helping a UK hotel implement changes to improve efficiency and customer experience within its bathrooms. Invited by The Lodge at Winchelsea Hotel to undertake a water efficiency audit in partnership with Southern Water, the Sussex-based guesthouse was looking to explore its current water usage and implement changes to improve both efficiency and upgrade its bathroom and showering experiences for guests. Methven UK conducted an in-depth water assessment of the hotel’s 28 guestrooms to establish a benchmark of usage, focusing specifically on basin taps and showers.

The Lodge at Winchelsea has three separate water distribution systems in place servicing guestrooms, with varying levels of performance. In addition, no standard valves, basin flow regulators or shower handsets were uniform across the guestrooms, leading to unpredictable water flow levels and fluctuating performance. On average, guestrooms with basin taps were delivering 20 litres per minute (cold) and eight litres per minute (hot), whilst guestrooms with a basin mixer produced over 14 litres per minute.

Guestroom showers were serviced by two separate flow methods, some received water from a pressurised system, whilst others had electric showers installed. During the assessment, the showers serviced via a pressurised system were using 15 litres per minute, whilst the electric showers provided 8.5 litres per minute and suffered from performance issues.

Having reviewed the various levels of performance and excessive flow rates across both basin taps and showers, Methven UK provided a solution to not only decrease flow rates, saving money on energy and water bills, but to improve the overall bathing and showering experience for guests. In October, 2013, Methven UK introduced Deva flow regulators to all guestrooms basin mixer taps, reducing flow rates to five litres per minute, a nine litre reduction per minute.

Given the two shower systems providing water to guestrooms showers, the hotel had always struggled to find an ideal shower that provided excellent performance at manageable flow rates. Methven UK’s range of Satinjet® technology handsets deliver a luxurious showering experience with 300,000 droplets per second whilst performing at much lower flow rates and reducing water and energy bills. In order to manage the two different shower systems, Methven provided two different Satinjet products. The Kiri handset, with its crisp, sleek and modern architectural design, offered a stylish upgrade to the current showers and reduced flow rates considerably. Kiri handsets were installed into guestrooms serviced by the pressurised water system and diminished flow rates by nine litres per minute. The electric shower handsets were replaced by the Maku, a modern and smooth style handset which reduced flow rates from 8.5 l litres per minute to 6.5 litres per minute.

Methven UK projected a 36% reduction is water usage per room, equating to £2,024 per annum, along with an estimated energy, saving of £500 per annum. Energy savings occur from the reduction in heating costs.

Toby Darkins, General Manager, The Lodge at Winchelsea, said: “We are delighted with Methven UK’s work with Southern Water in assessing our water usage. Given our varying levels of flow performance across various guestrooms, we were keen to implement water and energy saving techniques and products whilst also improving our customer’s bathing and shower experiences. Following Methven UK’s recommendations and our new Satinjet showers and flow regulators installed, we have reduced water consumption, energy costs and received great feedback from our guests on the shower’s coverage and performance.”

Ian Hanmer, Hotel & Leisure Sector Manager for Methven UK, said:Hoteliers face the constant challenge of ensuring guest satisfaction levels are not compromised whilst at the same time managing ever increasing water & energy costs. Our Satinjet showers deliver on both fronts, a luxurious showering experience, available in a wide variety of products, combined with a reduction in water consumption, conserving natural resources and saving on utility bills.”

Methven offer free water usage assessments to hotels interested in learning how they can save costs on both water and energy bills, without compromising on the showering experience for guests. Hotels taking advantage of Methven products and assessments have on average an 11.3% water saving. For more information and to discover what your hotel could save, visit