Moda Salon Interiors

Salons, Spa’s and Barber Shops are a vital part to adding luxury to your business. With the hair & beauty industry rising year on year you will find shops popping up where you haven’t seen them before, especially with the high street trade declining due to online sales. A perfect place to go and have a haircut or treatment is within a hotel, gym, health club, holiday park and or Spa.

Planning is a vital component in the refit or design of your new salon. We never plan to fail but we often fail to plan are words worth remembering.

Planning should start before you sign your new lease either on your existing salon or new building.

At Moda Salon Interiors we can help you before you sign to evaluate potential buildings.

The time frame for refitting should be considered depending upon the length of time you may have to wait for the furniture to be made and of course when the builder can start.

Good quality furniture from a reputable dealer/supplier will not be available off the shelf, it will need to be ordered bespoke to your specifications.

Defined areas in the modern salon are difficult to accomplish due to space limitation and perception that giving up space for the last styling station would reduce your income.

If done correctly a separate colour area can add to your client’s experience and add pounds to your bank balance by pampering your client and giving more treatments.

If you have the luxury of a separate room for colour think about using different furnishings to separate the client from the rest of the Salon. Use a more luxurious chair in a vibrant colour and/or texture.

Don’t just paint the wall a block of colour or stick up a colour chart, think about using textured paints and wall papers.

Planning your own salon or spa can be very satisfying but it can also lead to problems. Using a professional is money well spent. They will answer all your questions and use their experience to give you your dream salon.

Here at Moda Salon Interiors we have over 25 years of experience in the design, planning, implementation and opening of Salons. Using our technical skills and your ideas let us help you realise your dreams.

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