Modern design meets versatility in the cashless retail terminal

Metric Group Ltd provide Automated Service Solutions to help hospitality businesses grow revenue, reduce overhead costs, and improve efficiency with a far greater customer experience.

Purpose built to adapt to the specific requirements of your business, featuring a high quality, touch screen display, with integrated communication technology and support for a variety of modern payment methods.

Whether you are advertising products, selling tickets, taking bookings, or fulfilling orders, the METRIC retail terminal facilitates innovation and enables unique and engaging user experiences, bespoke to your company identity.

Hotels and Hospitality

Check – in, choose your meals, alarm calls, TV options, book your table add room service and reward your customers with something they love – free parking!

Gyms, Health and Fitness

Enrol for membership or access to services, choose your activity and workout, get a discount in the cafe afterwards

Theme Parks and Experiential Services

Buy Tickets, choose rides, maps, meals, and reward your customers with free drinks or return tickets. Enrolment for season passes

Car Rental, City Car and Bike Hire

Save queuing at the rental desk when pre-booking your car. Engage with kiosk and proceed to your waiting vehicle or preferred method of transport.

Applications are unlimited and could also be used to promote:

Health, Medical Practices, Veterinary Surgeons

Appointment Pre-booking and check in, prescription ordering, testing

Local Tourist Attractions and Events

Enrolling customers for annual season tickets / membership whilst paying for parking

Our systems allow you to connect with your customers dynamically, rewarding them in many ways and improving their journey and experience whilst helping you to maximise transaction rates and reduce overhead costs.