New audio experience in luxury London

Flagship hotel development completes the ambience of luxury with the seamless magic of Sonance invisible speakers

Located at the northern edge of London’s Belgravia on Grosvenor Place, overlooking Buckingham Palace Garden, The Peninsula London is a five-star flagship hotel development scheduled to open in September 2022. The hotel’s owners, architects and developers have devoted their combined energies toward curating the most pristine and exquisite guest experience possible. And not just by divining an ambience of luxury “befitting one of London’s most celebrated addresses”, but in the subtlest ways as well.

As the world’s most experienced hotel design professionals understand, it’s often the smallest discoveries that make for the most joyous and memorable experiences. Which is why the team at Peninsula London chose Sonance invisible speakers for high-quality audio in all the bedrooms and communal areas. Concealed behind a thin layer of plaster, Sonance invisible speakers create the magical effect of music and speech appearing to float in the air without any obvious source. The new audio system involves no fewer than 496 individual elements.

The New Invisible Series by Sonance from Sonance | IPORT | James on Vimeo.

The idea of invisible speakers is nothing new, but the design has hitherto suffered from muffled sound and poor intelligibility. However, a technological breakthrough from America’s leading architectural speaker maker has found a way to deliver the full-range fidelity of a high-quality traditional speaker from a completely invisible one. It’s taken two years of dedicated research and proprietary measurement tools to develop the new ‘Motion Flex’ invisible models. Within conventional designs, there’s nothing to stop waves from the mid driver interfering with those from the bass driver on the same radiating diaphragm. For the Motion Flex models, Sonance has found a way to isolate these discrete wave patterns from each other, delivering significantly lower levels of distortion and coloration, and a new performance benchmark for invisible speaker design.

As Habitech’s Market Development Manager Jane Anstead says: “The highest-end hospitality seeks to attract the world’s most discerning customers by making the quality of luxury as tangible and memorable as possible in ever more inspirational ways. When even the richest clients associate sound with speakers, the magic of seemingly source-free full-range audio from completely invisible ones is another way for hotels and restaurants to differentiate the quality of their customer experience.”

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