Quality disposables manufacturer and supplier, Herald has finalised terms to position itself as the UK’s sole supplier of edible straws. The company is now launching the exclusive product range, to the UK market, with the expectation that it will create a stir across the entertainment and leisure sectors. Target markets include bars, festivals, events, hotels, restaurants, clubs and pubs.

Described as ‘an experience’, the straws have already established a loyal customer base of cocktail drinkers in the bars and clubs of Europe, where owners and managers are aiming to provide the most creative and innovative drinks menu. However, Herald forecasts a wider demand in the UK market and is aiming to reach a much wider audience overall.

Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel explains: “We’re very excited about these straws as they are a pioneering and unique product that can sell on many levels. Besides being functional, they are a sweet treat that parents can buy for their children to add to a holiday or day out experience. They can be enjoyed at any age, providing a focal point and enhancing a child or adult’s drink. For the seller, they provide added value and a point of difference from the competition.

They’re a real crowd-puller as they are an industry first.

“There’s also the whole environmental sell, which has been fully embraced on the continent. As the straws are an edible product, they present an environmentally friendly, responsible and sustainable – not to mention fun – alternative to the plastic straw. The straw doesn’t consume plastic – we consume the straw.”

The straws are currently available in lemon, lime and strawberry and can be purchased by the box. Yogesh adds: “Our edible straws are a revolutionary product that will essentially present our customers with an abundance of marketing opportunities across all platforms, including social media, and should attract a wide audience. They’re colourful and enticing and provide a whole new dimension – our customers’ customers can drink through it, bite it and enjoy !”

Herald is hoping to extend its range of available flavours, in the next few weeks, to include apple, cinnamon and ginger flavours. These new additions will offer a more sophisticated and varied selection that is expected to particularly appeal to the pub and bar market. Yogesh comments: “The straws are an enticing addition to the regular cocktail extras as, not only do they provide the final edible ingredient, alongside the variable ice, olives and decorative fruit slices, these new, more grown-up flavours can also complement and enhance a variety of spirits including vodka, rum and whiskey.”

The company recently announced that it has increased its warehouse facilities and invested in new machinery following inward investment of approximately £1 million. It now aims to further develop its manufacturing capability and provide a valid, quality alternative to the current offering when it comes to catering disposables. Herald has also added to its core team in preparation for a period of business development and strategic growth during which it aims to significantly increase its turnover.

Yogesh says: “We’ve been manufacturing a limited range of disposables since our inception almost thirty years ago however we feel that now the time is right to build on this area of productivity and to future-proof the business. We’re aiming to firmly position ourselves as a UK manufacturer and we look forward to extending our contribution to the market having introduced new manufacturing capacity, including extra injection moulding machines.”

“The directors have a shared, in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and we are keen to use our expertise, experience and know-how to drive this side of the business. The market is changing and the time is right for UK manufacturing to experience its own renaissance – we aim to ride the crest of that wave !”

The company is also investing in marketing activity to ensure that its key messages, as a brand that has longevity and substance, are driven through all communications. The website is currently under review with plans to relaunch in the coming months when an updated catalogue, containing all new lines, has been completed

Herald is renowned for its vast catalogue of goods that provides an unrivalled breadth of choice. Its current product range includes plastic cups, paper cups, cutlery and other related tableware; bar disposables, including plastic glasses and cocktail accessories; food containers and packaging; novelty straws; bakery products; candles; and disposable aprons, gloves, headwear and other janitorial items. The company has been careful not to sacrifice quality for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect its reputation and its customers’ expectation.

A member of the Foodservice Packaging Association, Herald is a family-led concern.

For further information on Herald and its products, log on to or call 0208 507 7900 to request a sample of the new edible straw.