The Original Cushion Company manufactures and sells prêt-à-porter decorator cushions at affordable prices. Their business model allows them to use the very finest fabrics without breaking the bank. The range of cushions includes stand out one-offs, limited editions and basic monochromes. Some are very unusual, using fabrics such as African batiks and hand-printed velvets. All are slightly larger than normal, making them particularly inviting and generous.

OCC are above all fabric specialists, and search far and wide to source designs, textures and colours they love, working with fabric artists and makers all around the world. Where they can’t find what they’re looking for, they commission their own unique designs.

The cushions are made to be both soft and durable. They select fabrics to ensure that they are robust enough to put up with everyday wear and tear while still being inviting and a pleasure to touch. Where they have embroidery they only use short, tight stitching. All the cushions have piping, which gives structure, maintains the cushion shape and makes for a strong seam. The piping also frames the designs, and is used to add a further design dimension.

The Original Cushion Company are an Interior Designers’ destination for ready-made soft furnishings, and can provide you with a personalised approach to your design. Their design team work with both luxury domestic and hospitality interiors and are well versed in the needs of the industry.

All their cushions are available exclusively through their online store. The Original Cushion Company can also be called on to work within your designs to give coordination advice.

To find out more about The Original Cushion Company visit their online store, including curated collections, at www.originalcushionco.com. You can also get in touch with their sales and design expert Erik Karlsen on 079 7753 9962, erik@originalcushoinco.com