OTC Beverages – The Taste of the Caribbean in a Bottle

OTC Beverages is a new company which was registered in 2018 and launched in 2019. We have been on a journey of discovery to create a premium brand with our initial product that has the taste of the Caribbean in a bottle.

Our range of drinks, come in a still and sparkling sorrel and a still and sparkling ginger beer. We decided to go with these flavours as they are favourite within the Caribbean community worldwide. Ginger is great for the joints and sorrel is great for the immune system. Both products have immense health benefits which are critical in these times of a pandemic. Your health is your wealth and we at OTC Beverages fully believe in that principle.

So, the story begins on my father’s birthday back in 2017. At the party I watched as the older generation bought in their home-made ginger beer and sorrel in large reusable 5 litre plastic bottles. Although I knew the taste would be great, what stuck with me was the fact that (a) the bottles were plastic (b) will the next generation really be up to making homemade drinks and (c) how do we maintain the great taste of grandmas sorrel and ginger beer in a grab and go bottle?

I then went on a journey, stepping into the world of Food & Drink and manufacturing, after spending years in Banking & Finance in the city of London.

I reached out to friends and family for their input and found myself a great manufacturing company to work with.

Working with a friend who had given up the day job to go to University and do a degree in Graphic Design, I was excited to work with her as she had achieved a high grade in her degree, so I thought…lets go for it….help me with the designs of my sleeves and logo…and so the product was bourne. Its a lot more work than it seems, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to this stage of the journey.

Within months of launching the product in August 2019, we were nominated for the Best New Drinks Food Matters 2019 and a few months into 2020 we were shortlisted again with the Great British Food Awards for Fruit Juices & Mixers, which was awesome.

Since the pandemic we have made great inroads into Independent stores and cafes. I love meeting people and building a rapport with them, and a beverage is a great conversational topic.

We are looking forward to 2021 and what it will bring us with all the events and new clients we will onboard globally.

Enjoy the taste of OTC Beverages, and if you wish to know more about our story, please check us out @ www.otcbeverages.com