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Comment attributed to Robert Bridgman, Director at Bridgman

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When it comes to sourcing furniture for commercial outdoor spaces, it not only needs to look good, it’s essential that it’s both hardy and versatile too. From weatherproof rattan that can be left outside all year round to waterproof and stain-resistant cushions, buying furniture that can withstand wear, tear and spills will pay dividends for a business for many years and is a savvy investment.

Utilising Teflon, our waterproof cushions are almost impossible to stain with anything – we have tested them extensively and know that they are impervious to red wine, coffee and even pure bleach!

Dining chairs that stack are a great choice for bars and restaurants as they can be stowed away neatly when not in use and make the daily chore of cleaning floors an easy task.

Modular corner sofas – such as our popular Kingston collection – are also great for social areas and can be tailored to fit tricky spaces, or adjusted quickly to suit a certain party size.


Consumers are increasingly gravitating towards bars and restaurants that offer stylish, well-designed outdoor spaces, and modern, style-led rattan pieces have, in turn, become increasingly popular.

With this in mind, we introduced our new All Seasons Stone range, a contemporary collection that showcases clean lines, deep seats and tapered legs, along with a synthetic ‘wood-look’ table top; an ideal alternative to glass.

Another popular concept is low-level dining, taking inspiration for dining and lounge environments of the Middle East. These furniture collections give customers the option to lounge whilst enjoying alfresco food and drink, while also giving businesses the option to flex the function of their space according to demand. Our All Seasons Stone and Walnut collections are also great examples of this.

Recent Case Study

The popular hotel group Hotel du Vin approached us in 2014 to fit the outdoor spaces at their Brighton hotel. In order to meet the requirements of the brief a full site visit was undertaken by the Bridgman team and the order tailored to suit the day-to-day operation of the hotel and restaurant.

Following the success of this project, our All Season’s Pure Collection was rolled out across 17 of their other properties across the UK.

Hotel du Vin’s Director of Procurement, Simon Bardsley, commented:

“The positive feedback from our guests on the furniture from Bridgman has been overwhelming. Their unique range offers comfort, style and outstanding quality which we are proud to be associated with. The degree of personal service offered cannot be complimented enough and Bridgman has been an immense support in ensuring a successful transition…”