The PI Electronique Restaurant EPOS System

Increase your restaurant’s revenue and customer satisfaction with the PI Electronique Point of Sale System; it’s the only POS system that can help you generate increased cost savings!

The PI Electronique Point of Sales System was designed exclusively for restaurants to speed up the ordering process and to reduce labour costs. If you have a tableside ordering system in your restaurant, the PI Electronique POS system will fit seamlessly into your place. The PI System communicates directly by sending orders from the table straight to the kitchen for food and by dispatching drinks orders directly to the bar. On top of that, the waiting staff also has the option of writing in any specific messages that they want for each order. The messages will be relayed and sent to the printer. Your waiting staff will remain on the restaurant floor, thus providing a quality service to patrons at the restaurant.

Many customers have specific orders about the drinks and the food that they want served. This restaurant EPOS system allows you to send exact orders so that the food is prepared quickly and according to the specifications of the customer. You can also program the PI Handy to do upsells and recommend specific dishes at the restaurant. Ultimately, it all boils down to a massive increase in cost savings for your restaurant and a much higher turnover.

Replace Hand-Written Waiter Pads

Gone are the days when waiters had to stand with a pad to take down the order. Waiters often skip certain instructions, and there’s also a chance that something might not be jotted down properly. With the help of this tableside ordering device, you won’t have to worry about frustrated customers or angry waiters!

Reliable Wireless Tableside Ordering System That Replaces Waiter Pads!

You Don’t Have to Worry About Wi-Fi Dropouts, Frustrated Waiters, or Angry Customers!

Run Your Restaurant in a Hassle-Free, Efficient Way!

Pi Electronique is the leader in delivering advanced restaurant POS management systems to restaurateurs worldwide. Utilising state of the art hardware POS systems matched with leading handheld technology, PI Electronique restaurant systems deliver the highest levels of functionality and reliability.

The good news is that PI Electronique is part of the worldwide family of more than 92,000 installed systems, developed over 28 years in the restaurant capital of the world Paris, France.

The system is purpose built; a combined guarantee and insurance for SUCCESS.

Computer experts are not required to run or maintain the PI system.  Installation is a turnkey operation because we configure and test your system off site and simply CONNECT and POWER up.

Features are added to the system when a need arises.

When considering new epos system, resist the temptation of trying to save yourself a few pounds with cheap hardware. It will end up costing you more down the track. The low priced computers and printers advertised are cheap for a reason. Most epos companies will also charge for on-going software support, this will add to your overall cost.  Pi Electronique pos system, with its built-in software is reliable, sturdy, long lasting and requires very minimal support or maintenance.

With PI POS System there is no on-going software and user license fee or expensive upgrades. The system uses proprietary software and hardware, everything from one company, so no compatibility issue.

The Pi Electronique pos system can be linked to various PMS systems and there is the optional suite of back office software that makes this system complete.

Kepos Systems supply and install Pi Electronique Restaurant pos systems throughout the UK.  For a free no obligation demonstration please call us on 0800 689 1030