Platemate – Mise & Place solutions

Who are we

For more than 30 years we have been trying to solve mise and place problems within kitchens and hospitality. Pre-prepared plates need to be stored somewhere that is easy, convenient, safe and effective, this is what our products can offer. Our founders experienced the difficulty and inconvenience concerning mise and place problems themselves and that is why they created our products.

Our products are sold through dealers and wholesale as we are the place where it all starts, the manufacturer. We offer many different models specially designed to offer mise & place solutions, regardless of the size of your kitchen, hotel or other hospitality organisation.

What we offer

Efficiency and effectiveness are the main targets our products are going for. Creating the opportunity for you to store your pre-prepared plates anywhere you like, even in the fridge and refrigerator. This will help you to save space and time during your activities.

Every model can be adjusted to different plate sizes, up to 42 cm in diameters. Our smaller models, such as our table models and wall model are easy to store and are perfect for smaller kitchens and buffets. The bigger models, the collapsible and the twin model offer solutions on a bigger scale.

Benefits and sustainability

Besides making your kitchen more effective and efficient there are other benefits concerning our products. Sustainable and conscious materials are one of them, using these materials creates a longer lifetime, and besides that, if certain parts need to be replaced there are also options to order spare parts so your product can live even longer.

The materials used are of high quality, that will be able to survive the jungle in the kitchens since that can be how things are sometimes. Special parts, such as our wheels and extra pins will keep your plates in place and allows you to move the models over uneven terrain.

How to get your Platemate

As already mentioned,  we offer our products through retailers and wholesale, these are the places to be if you want to get your hands on one of our products. On our website, we have our dealers list, where you can find the dealer that is closest to you. Remember, think about the situation in which you don’t have to think about storing your pre-prepared plates, and how to move them, our products offer the solution.

You can always contact us about anything and questions via

Let’s start the journey of making your kitchen more effective and efficient!