Portable Floormaker

Portable Floormaker is a UK based manufacturer of operational equipment designed for longevity and durability for use in busy F&B and C&B environments. The main product lines are produced in the UK and include worldwide famous brand names such as Florlok®, Publok®, Multilok®, Starlok®, Barlok® and Stagelok®.

The portable dance floor ranges of Florlok®, Publok®, Multilok®, Starlok® are all designed for use completely tool/screw free offering faster set up and break down times to be achieved than some other floors on the market. The Multilok® portable dance floor is relatively new to the range but already many prestigious names in hospitality have decided on this product due to its good looks, and durability. It is designed as a full indoor or outdoor use portable dance floor which also means it can be stored outdoors if required to offer space saving options within the property.

Barlok® is the name of the new portable bar range which is now also making headway into the hospitality markets. A portable bar can increase bar revenue whilst also offering a focal point to enhance any function. Barlok® is the only portable bar system on the market that offers the user full autonomy on the design of the bar set up and the colour coordination for any function through the RGBW coloured bar frontage.

Stagelok® is a versatile, cost effective and simple portable stage system that can be utilised in 1m² sections or secured together to achieve a 9m² stage set if the full storage trolley option is chosen. 9m² of staging stored on one single trolley helps overcome storage issues with the property and heights available are at 30cm, 45cm and 60cm.

Portable Floormaker are also now the official distributer of the Intermetal range of F&B equipment including chairs, tables and buffet table options.

Call us for more information on +44 (0)1332 814080 or email enquiries@portablefloormakler.co.uk

Visit the websites at: www.portablefloormaker.co.uk and www.barlokbars.co.uk