Prime Minister calls for ‘wake-up to the threat from disease outbreak’

The Prime Minister, David Cameron, last week announced he will use the G7 summit to outline how the UK will step up its efforts to combat the outbreak and spread of deadly viruses with a new plan that will include more research and development.

More than 27,000 cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) have now been reported in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, with over 11,130 reported deaths, marking it as one of the worst pandemics in modern times.Not only that, in the last four weeks alone there have been over 50 reports of Norovirus and other “Super bugs” affecting the hospitality industry. The need for a new solution has never been greater and more awareness needs to be focussed on the best practice to try and stop bacteria from spreading. Never before has it been so important to ensure that our day to day environment is as free from these “super-bugs” as possible.

David Cameron: “The recent outbreaks are a shocking reminder of the threat we all face from a disease outbreak. The reality is that we will face an outbreak like Ebola again and that virus could be more aggressive and more difficult to contain. As a world we must be far better prepared with better research, more drug development and a faster and more comprehensive approach to how we fight these things when they hit. The UK will lead the way but we need a truly global response if we are to face down this threat.”

A new technology called Goldshield, a high level disinfection solution that also cleans, has just become available on the market to help from outbreaks of pathogenic microbes such as Ebola, Norovirus and resistant bacteria whilst offering a completely unique antimicrobial barrier that up until now has been unavailable.

Goldshield’s advanced technology offers a long-lasting effect known as their “residual protection” which leaves an invisible layer on cleaned surfaces which is completely safe but carries on killing harmful microbes that land on the treated surface once it is dry. The unique covalent bonding also means that it remains on the surface even if it is subsequently cleaned with normal detergents.

Clinical trials have revealed that the product will remain active for a minimum of 24 hours and up to 7 days after just one single application.

Goldshield’s liquid product range comes in ready to use spray bottles, wipes, hand sanitisers, or in a format (concentrate) that you can make up yourself. Goldshield is easy to use, non-toxic and does not require any changes to how you clean.

Goldshield are currently working with the NHS, London Underground and other public sectors to reduce the pathogenic spread.

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