Pro Display’s unique technology provides a perfect solution

Leaders in the hospitality industry are always on the lookout for dynamic, innovative and new ways to advertise. The necessity to stand out in today’s climate is becoming ever more important, and you need to make sure that you protect your business’s future by investing in a quality advertising solution that’s going to be a worthwhile investment.

Pro Display’s unique technology provides a perfect solution, being the ideal choice for many bar, club, restaurant and hotel owners looking to show their customers that they have the ‘wow’ factor.



We offer a strong range of products that restaurant owners would certainly benefit from. Many restaurants are already utilising Pro Display products to not only help with advertising, but also with the customer’s experience.

A great example of our products working well in the restaurant industry is the popular Interactive Window technology, which allows customers to browse your menu in style before entering. Passers-by who witness your customer’s excitement may be more likely to visit themselves, or potentially even causing them to gather a crowd.

Soundpod Surface Speakers use surface sound technology to transform almost any solid resonant surface into an audio speaker. Resonant surfaces include glass, wood and plasterboard, offering the ultimate invisible sound source and making them an effective partner for our Interactive Windows. Restaurants can use Soundpods to convey promotional messages or play music to help influence your desired atmosphere, before the customer even enters the restaurant.

Touch Table or Interactive Kiosk ordering is another great application of our technology for restaurants, allowing your customers to order without taking up your staff’s precious time. This should give serving staff more time to focus on customer’s needs and satisfaction or even clearing tables.

These applications not only have functional benefits, but they are also effective ways to drive home a message of quality and excellence, leaving your customers impressed, and most importantly, creating a ‘positive experience’ that goes hand in hand with a business’s success.

Pro Display recommends for restaurants:

Rear Projection Film 

Interactive Projection Foil 

Interactive Touch Foil

Mirror Advertising Screens 

Switchable Glass

Switchable Film

Soundpod Surface Speaker 

Touch Tables 

Interactive Kiosks 



Aspiration makes up a huge part of the hotel industry. Leveraging this to help promote your business is one of your most important tools. Getting your audience to envisage themselves enjoying the lap of luxury is difficult, however, if you’re using anything less than the very best method of advertising.

Fundamentals such as our LCD Touch Kiosk or our LCD Advertising Screen offer your customers innovative and exiting ways of viewing or interacting with information. Designed to advise, inform or entertain, there are endless uses for this technology in a hotel environment.

In addition to advertising, Pro Display also offers innovative solutions to help make your customer’s experience even more stimulating. A number of high profile hotel chains from all over the world have already installed the awe inspiring and captivating Switchable Glass as dividing partitions or shower screens in their rooms and bathrooms. Switchable smart glass offers instant privacy at the flick of a switch, changing from frosted to clear when power is applied.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you are looking to stand out, you can certainly ‘wow’ your customers with our Mirrorvision range. We offer Mirror TVs and interactive Mirror technology that magically switches from a normal mirror to a functional TV or touchscreen device before your customer’s eyes.

Pro Display recommends for hotels:

Switchable Glass 

Switchable Film

Mirror TV 

Art Speakers

Rear Projection Screens  

LCD Advertising Screens / Kiosk 


Bars & Clubs

We offer a variety of solutions to help advertise your products in the most effective way possible, with many excited about our large format LED screens. These screens are an excellent way to connect with your target market. As a demographic who were amongst the first to grow up in a digital world, screens are a familiar source that 20-somethings constantly and instinctively use to curate and disseminate information. Bars and clubs can take advantage of this instinct by using large LED screens in a variety of ways, such as advertising general promotions, selling advertising space, displaying engaging content like competitions, or even using it to entertain as part of the venue’s attraction or show.

Our holographic projection screens take this one step further. Guaranteed to catch attention with their contemporary design, this amazing technology still allows visibility through the screen, displaying bright, sharp and vibrant images even in brightly-lit environments. By creating an image that appears to float in mid-air (just like in the hit movie Minority Report), your customers will be amazed and entertained like never before.

An excellent way to stand out to your customers with a stylish and striking message is by using our Mirror TVs in toilets. Mirrors take up a huge amount of space that you could be using to more productive ends. Stylish and striking is also a perfect way to describe our Switchable Glass, which could be used for anything from privacy to projection.

Pro Display recommends for bars & clubs:

Switchable Glass 

Switchable Film 

Indoor LED Screens 

Holographic Projections Screens 

Rear Projection Screens 

Dual Image Projection Screens 

Mirror Advertising Screens 



Pro Display are an award-winning British manufacturer specialising in innovative display solutions. Established over 10 years ago, our unique range of audio/visual screens, switchable glass and interactive touch products has been specified on projects for some of the world’s leading brands.

If you would like to discuss ideas for using our technology as part of your project, or you are interested in becoming a reseller, please get in touch or visit our website.