Quatreau range supplies drinking water delivery solutions with innovation and style.

The Quatreau Range of multifunction and smart taps meet catering and hospitality beverage requirements with technological innovation, excellent build quality and reliability. The new Quatreau Smart Tap stand-alone drinks station dispenses high volumes of boiling, chilled and sparkling water at the touch of an LED-lit button and fits seamlessly into any countertop.

Fitting into a standard 600mm cabinet, the system requires no ventilation and therefore no unsightly grilles. Offering the highest-performing thermal insulation on the market, coupled with the lowest energy-consumption, the system helps businesses meet their corporate sustainability responsibilities.

In-line water filtration is offered as standard, but for optimum taste, the company recommends an upgrade to their under-counter RODI tap water purification system. The SmartTap is designed to integrate seamlessly with this system, as is the original Quatreau Touch multifunction tap.

The original Quatreau Touch remains at the fore of the market thanks to its impressive 5 functions and touch screen control panel. A complete tap, it delivers boiling, chilled and sparkling water for beverages and food preparation, plus thermostatically controlled hot and cold water for hand and dish washing.

Both taps in the Quatreau range are available in a range of finishes including brushed or polished solid 316 stainless steel. They are the only multifunction taps manufactured in Great Britain, a distinct selling-point as readers will know this signifies build quality and reliability. In fact, Quatreau is the most robust and reliable range of multifunction and smart taps on the market, manufactured WRAS approved materials chosen for strength, longevity and low environmental impact.

The Quatreau range is designed, manufactured and installed by The Pure H2O Company who would be pleased to advise on installation and meeting water delivery requirements in your venue. A range brochure and product tech specs are available by calling The Pure H2O Company on 01483 617 000.

The Pure H2O Company has been at the leading edge of innovation in water delivery solutions for over 20 years. Their systems are installed in leading venues including Le Manor aux Quat’ Saisons, Great Fosters Surrey and Eurostar Paris Business Lounge. Further innovative products developments are expected in the near future. Visit www.PureH2O.co.uk.