Relcross Door Closers Keep Brewery Green

Hillside Brewery, founded in Gloucestershire in 2014, is very much part of the local community, not just by employing local people but by supporting local businesses and providing a community facility in their bar and event centre. They are also very environmentally conscious. The installation runs on solar power, uses air and ground source heat pumps, recycles all its waste material and is a net exporter of energy.

So when they realised that the doors to their upstairs patio weren’t closing properly, with consequent loss of heat and escape of noise into the local area, something had to be done. The problem was that the patio gives access to some stunning views of Gloucestershire scenery but, in return, is exposed to the elements and, on windy days, the door closers originally fitted just weren’t good enough for the job. The doors open outwards and the prevailing wind is inclined to keep them open rather than blow them shut. Users weren’t proving as fastidious as the owners of the brewery would have liked in closing the doors behind them and too often the doors were left unlatched and flapping.

As it turned out, the solution was simple. They contacted Relcross in Devizes and subsequently fitted a couple of LCN 4040XP. This  is LCN’s most durable heavy duty closer designed for the most demanding, high use and abuse applications. It is CE Certified and has a universal mounting so can be fitted to either the pull or push side of a door. The body is made from cast iron and is fitted with an Extra Duty forged steel ‘Cush-N-Stop’ arm to help prevent the doors and frames being damaged by the wind action blowing them too far open. The load capacity of the bearing has been increased by 44% and the cylinder is filled with all weather fluid to remove the need for seasonal adjustments. The extra power and robustness of the LCN 4040XP means the wind affected doors now close properly and securely eliminating the previous problems and ensuring Hillside Brewery maintain their green credentials.

But they didn’t stop there. Hillside also took the opportunity of fitting LCN 1461 Standard duty closers on a number of their other doors including the main entrance double doors and the entrances to the kitchen and all three toilets. As you would expect, those on the ladies and gents cloakrooms are fitted on the pull side within the toilets whereas the closer on the disabled toilet is on the push side fitted externally. Like their heavy duty relatives, the LCN 1461 has a universal mounting and are non handed so can be fitted to both left and right swinging doors. The adjustable hydraulic backcheck cushions the opening swing prior to 90 degrees.

Again, cast iron is used for the body because there is no better material for a door closer than cast iron. The manufacturing process may be difficult (which is why just about every other closer manufacturer has turned to aluminium) but the end product lasts for decades. Since internal wear and tear is negligible, even after extreme usage, regular re-adjustment of control valves and spring power is not necessary.

Relcross Sales and Marketing Director Stuart McMaster said “we distribute LCN door closers because they match our own philosophy of supplying a quality product that can provide durable solutions to our customers problems and the installation at Hillside Brewery proves the truth of that once again”

On a final environmental note, Hillside make beer and their waste material goes to feed cattle whose milk is used to make ice-cream at a local manufacturer – and beer flavoured ice cream at that. Now that’s what I call a perfect recycling model!

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