Renaissance Downtown Dubai

Originally designed to be an office tower, WA International interior design firm was brought on board to convert this existing building into Marriott International’s newly branded Renaissance Hotel, the first in the region which will make its debut end of 2016.

When asked specifically about the guestrooms, WA International’s design director, Claire Craig explains “Taking our cue from our concept for the public areas, the evolution of a skyline from concrete and glass the natural elements of Dubai ‘sand and water’.  Therefore, our most prominent finish for the guestrooms is concrete.  Polished concrete walls, concrete tiled floors and glass mosaics to the showers are the main ingredients of our guestroom finishes”.

The Renaissance guestrooms are averaging an incredible 60 sq. meters in area with impressive ceiling heights throughout.  An open plan concept from the bathroom to the bedroom area further expresses the wonderful volume of space.

The style of the furniture is modern classic which is very on- trend.  The fashionable R traveller will feel right at home.

The desk is a stand-out piece made from a solid tree trunk slab supported on a brassy iron framework with floating leather clad drawers.  Textured ‘sand dune’ inspired rugs add warmth to the cool grey interior.

Dubai’s brilliant sun creates amazing lightscapes across the city.  To emulate this seductive contrast of light and dark, a deep blue accent colour was introduced into our tonal pale grey and sandy colour palette.  Of course, the golden sun itself and the precious metal, from Dubai’s Gold Souqs were also referenced for our hardware and sculptures.

Above the bed, Picasso’s camel sketch has been re-interpreted into a 3D iron rod sculpture which with a cheeky adjustment transformed into the indigenous one humped local.

A wonderful close-up photograph of a camel’s face fills the entrance wall of all the guestrooms providing a playful jest for the R traveller’s arrival.

The ‘concrete’ element makes its way not only in the guestrooms but throughout the public spaces as well.  It’s clearly all about the concrete this time.

One of the many unique features of Renaissance Downtown Dubai is its prime location, which makes it ideal for today’s unique traveller.  Guests will be right in the middle of ‘where it all happens’, enjoying the best view in town – a metropolitan city’s captivating skyline.   How can anyone be disappointed?!