In Hospitality first impressions count, especially in lobbies, restaurants, gyms and bars where we are always on show. These are not only social spaces but a public notice to guests flaunting our standards and values.

One of the most fundamental aspects to the design and maintenance of common areas in the last ten years has been sustainability, demonstrated through the choice of materials used but also in eco-friendly operations. Within this ethos is an opportunity to respect and showcase the history of the business and its premises side by side with modern approaches and practices.

Sustainability is the core message of restoration company Magicman. For twenty-five years they have sought to change practices by repairing and renewing in situ, damaged items that in the past would have automatically been consigned to landfill.  Not only does working in situ reduce dramatically how long areas will remain off limits to the public but it also has the welcome benefit of considerable cost savings when compared to sourcing and installing replacements and the removal of waste to landfill. Then there are the environmental costs of manufacturing and transporting replacements to consider. Magicman is clearly the greener solution and extends the life of fixed assets.

Case Study: The Lady with the Lamp

One area of the hospitality sector where Magicman excel is onboard cruise ships, floating hotels where lobby areas, bars, restaurants and even art galleries exist side by side. Magicman send teams of Technicians to join a vessel at a port; they then work ‘invisibly’ while the ship is in transit, sometimes at night, without disturbing the passengers.

A life-size figurine holding aloft a large lamp fell over in a storm, detaching the statue’s head and breaking off several of her fingers. Magicman Technician Jack was able to restore this statuette to her former glory as well as strengthening its structure, so it was safe to return her to a public space. See the photo gallery below for before and after photos.

Case Study: A pillar to post home about

This pillar with a character of its own had been subjected to a sub-standard repair until Magicman were called in. Magicman Technician Ben was able to strip back the poor repair and fill it again. Like all Magicman Technicians, Ben is trained to match any pattern, grain, colour or finish by eye (with or without RAL colours), ensuring that the item looks the right shade or hue in situ.  Ben layered the repair up in 4 shades of airbrushed colour before painstakingly painting in the grain effect finish by hand. Photos of this brilliant repair are included in the photo gallery below.

Trained to deliver results

From the unique to the everyday, Magicman offer the largest range of restoration solutions on the market to the broadest selection of hard surfaces. Our dedicated Research & Development department continually test new materials and source the finest products from around the world in order to create new and improved solutions to repair problems. Their job is to ensure that when a Magicman Technician arrives on site, he or she is fully stocked with the best products available and able to carry out any works that may be required.

As innovators, Magicman have always had to train their workforce devising a bespoke training programme that has turned out over 120 Magicman Technicians over the years. Two years ago, Magicman invested nearly £200,000 in brand new and improved training facilities – the Magicman Training Academy. This is where all Magicman Technicians undergo an extensive 5 week initial training programme, including ‘buddying up’ with experienced Technicians. Training involves not only hard surface repairs and Health & Safety but also the importance of customer service. 

During an ISOQAR audit our training system for Technicians was reported as ‘exemplary’. In May 2017 Magicman transitioned to new ISO standards ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 assuring customers that they maintain a fully implemented Quality Management System and demonstrate good governance and social responsibility regarding our Environmental Management systems. Magicman still hold BS OHSAS 18001:2007, the future version of which is still being written.

Big savings

The premise of Magicman is a simple one. Instead of replacing damaged items and surfaces, their Technicians copy the colours, patterns, texture and sheen to repair the original, typically saving between 50% – 80% of the cost of replacement. Better for the customer and for the environment.

Because Magicman work on site (they come to you) and their repairs are quick, without the lead time involved in ordering replacement items, the turnaround time is reduced and costs are dramatically lowered, bringing items back into use much more quickly.

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