Run Your Entire Business with Tillpoint EPOS & Star Micronics

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and boost business growth with Tillpoint, the only software required for complete hospitality operation.

Throughout the last decade there has been a steady, unrelenting decline in traditional point of sale systems. The slow death of the cash register is due to the increasing amount of companies that are adopting mobile point of sale systems to take payments and complete transactions.

These POS systems transform iPads and tablets into sophisticated point of sale devices that possess innovative features not found with a standard cash register, some being uniquely designed or customized to their respective business types. Merchants can expect to see startling results after implementing such a system; greatly reduced costs, improved efficiency, and an increase in turnover are just some of the benefits of switching to a mobile point of sale.

Quick to setup and easy to use, Tillpoint’s award-winning hospitality POS optimises all aspects of operation, from point of sale to table management. With an abundance of features, Tillpoint is so much more than just an EPOS for hospitality. Its powerful and complete system provides everything you need to run your business.

The innovative iOS application contains over 20 specialized modules, each to manage a certain aspect of hospitality operation, including point of sale, inventory management, table reservations, tab manager, staff time sheets, customer loyalty, promotions, kitchen display, and reporting. All modules are included in every subscription plan, with no restrictions on features or functionality.

The unprecedented degree of customization allows for users to easily create their own bespoke hospitality system through activating and deactivating included modules, changing layouts to better suit the user, and rearranging the home screen to meet the individual needs of the business. The ability to adjust the system extends to all areas of the application with users able to create custom reports, data fields and to personalize customer receipts – a feature highly augmented through Star Micronics’ printers.

Disruptive Hospitality Technology

In order to keep up with rapidly changing consumer behavior, businesses require increasingly advanced software, such as Tillpoint, which can be very useful in automating many of the day-to-day operations of a store. The next-generation in hospitality software is quickly becoming widespread and continues to displace many of the traditional business systems by providing a complete solution which centralizes management operations and enhances customer experience and engagement, something an old, clunky POS unit is incapable of doing.

The First Complete EPOS System

The majority of enterprise software is typically single-purpose, only performing one business function. Store owners were previously required to utilise, and pay for, multiple systems, each to handle a different aspect of operation.These systems include accounting, inventory management, point of sale, purchase ordering, and so on, resulting in high costs and wasted time needed to train staff in multiple interfaces, and the constant need for data entry which is not automatically reconciled between systems.

Designed for Hospitality and Restaurants

Work with Best-In-Class Hardware

Combining Tillpoint with the leading POS hardware provider Star Micronics provides business owners with a powerful and reliable hospitality system. Integrating Star kitchen and receipt printers is easy and takes less than 30 seconds, providing users with a smooth and straight forward setup process and allowing you to start trading right away.

A Cost-Effective Hospitality Solution

Run every facet of business activity without any additional software through the only complete, cloud-based iOS platform that seamlessly integrates with Star’s extensive printer range which offers a number of connectivity options,including Traditional USB, iOS USB ‘Data & Charge’, Ethernet, Cloud and Bluetooth. Their latest edition, the mC-Print3™ (as shown in the images), has all these 5 interfaces as standard! This printer can be integrated into Tillpoint with ease.

  • Plug & Play Hardware
  • Personalised Receipts
  • Unbeatable Printing Speeds
  • Complete Hospitality Management
  • Centralised Workflow
  • Robust POS Devices

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