SALTO makes the cut at new Hotel and Golf Resort

The Cave Hotel and Golf Resort, a new destination hotel and restaurant located within a short drive of Canterbury, Kent, has chosen a SALTO electronic access control system to provide advanced security management for its luxurious accommodation.

Promising a hotel experience like no other, Cave provides the perfect eclectic mix for a relaxing and memorable stay. With 40 bedrooms, two restaurants, one bar, a gym and swimming pool and a state-of-the-art penthouse plus golf at Boughton, the hotel is designed with luxury and comfort in mind.

What did they need?

Whether travelling for business or pleasure, guests need to have a high level of trust in the property they are staying in. Safety and security should be a subject high on the ‘must have’ list of any good hotel.

Technology in the world of hospitality security is changing fast and today it is much more than just a guest room lock. It can provide full security control of the entire property, and can integrate with front desk PMS systems, CCTV, alarm, time and attendance or other systems as required. It can cut maintenance costs by removing the need to replace keys and change locks if keys are lost. It can manage access rights to control who can access what, when and where 24/7 and provide a full audit trail for every door.

Darren Keating, Hospitality Business Development Manager for SALTO Systems explains “When it came to providing guest security for this new hotel careful thought was required. As well as traditional hotel stays, Cave also specialises in weddings, corporate functions and special events, so making sure guest rooms were secured by using the latest high technology products was an important consideration.

“However our focus was not just on the sale but also on providing the customer with extensive advice to make sure the solution recommended was both viable and cost effective. This meant advocating a solution that would be visually attractive and technologically competent to meet with the design ethos of the hotel.”

Key benefits

Stuart Sentance, Designer and Project Manager for  Cave Hotel and Golf Resort, says “We wanted a stylish product that was not only technologically cutting edge but provided reliable wire-free access control while complimenting the hotel’s unique decorative style. SALTO’s new Aelement Fusion solution plus two associated wall readers give us that. They eliminate obtrusive lock hardware on the door as all the electronic components are actually inside the door itself, making room security virtually invisible.

“We’ve now installed 52 of these smart locks in an attractive black finish on our guest rooms, main entrance and staff entrance doors. All combine stand-alone, battery-powered electronic lock technology and SALTO’s Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card wireless technology with online, real-time monitoring and mobile access technology with NFC & BLE capabilities, the latter enabling our guests to use their smartphones as keys if they so choose.”

“We’re delighted to have supplied our class leading access control solution for one of the coolest new properties on the hospitality scene” Darren Keating concludes. “The hotel has full control over who can access what, when and where enabling Stuart and his team to maintain high levels of security whilst ensuring a secure and accessible environment for both guests and staff alike.”