Saniflo can make a world of difference in the hospitality world

Saniflo UK, part of Group SFA, is the country’s leading designer and manufacturer of pumps and macerators for domestic and commercial applications. Thanks to their extensive product range, it is possible to have bathroom, washroom, kitchen, sauna, spa or laundry facilities anywhere a water supply can reach, all without major ground works.

The Saniflo commercial range is particularly suitable for hospitality projects. Take the brand new Sanicubic XL, the largest product in the range. Its 120 litre capacity ensures it can take black water waste from multiple appliances; pumping the waste out at up to 40m³ per hour through 80 or 100mm pipes to mains drainage. The Argo lounge in Peterborough is one of a series of ‘Lounge’ coffee bars/restaurants opening up throughout the UK using older buildings to create a leisurely and relaxing experience for customers. They have installed a Sanicubic XL in the downstairs of the building to service the ladies and gents loos; including a row of urinals, 5 toilets and several handbasins. All waste water is pumped upwards through the main plant room and out in to the mains drains.

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Meanwhile a busy gym in Dublin has installed a Sanicubic XL in the basement of its building to deal with the waste from 6 showers, 4 basins and 2 toilets – enabling it to create luxury facilities for customers without the expense of new drainage works.

Sanicom 1 and 2 are heavy duty pumps that are ideal for busy catering environments. With automatic operation, these pumps can discharge grey water from a variety of appliances. The front bar in the new Argo Lounge Peterborough has a Sanicom 1 pump that sits under the sink and takes the waste water from 2 glass cleaning machines, pumping it under the floor to the mains drains pipes at the back of the bar. A Sanicom 2 – which features dual pumps – is installed in the basement in a cupboard adjacent to the kitchen. This takes catering waste water that is pumped via a grease filter in to the Sanicom 2 and routed up to the mains drains above.

There are many more models in the range that allow unconventional spaces to be transformed into usable facilities.

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