SCHÖNWALD: A fresh look for the SHIRO porcelain collection

SCHÖNWALD is one of the world’s leading providers of high-quality porcelain and is appreciated by hoteliers, caterers and professional chefs all over the world.
For more than 140 years, the brand has been known for functional design, excellent product quality “made in Germany” and, as a result, durability. SCHÖNWALD is optimally prepared for the new trend of food-sharing and offers the perfect plating options with its SHIRO design collection, launched early this year. New patterns and textures now help meet the demand for greater individuality in the food service industry.

SHIRO – a versatile talent with timeless qualities

The new SHIRO collection by SCHÖNWALD makes a very clear statement in terms of design. Stefan Diez and Andrea Lenardin, two of the most sought-after industrial and hospitality designers, have created the range by blending Scandinavian minimalism with Japanese aesthetics. The design of SHIRO is understated, simple and straightforward, yet also conveys a sense of pragmatism and strength thanks to the unusually sturdy edges. Such simplicity leaves plenty of creative freedom and thus serves chefs as a veritable blank canvas on which to present their culinary ideas. This is why SHIRO is also suitable for a huge variety of gastronomic concepts.

SHIRO with new patterns and textures

The collection was first presented in smooth, plain white. Yet even when developing the shape, Diez and Lenardin – the collection’s designers – were already enamoured with the randomly created toolmarks. For this reason, the porcelain manufacturer SCHÖNWALD is now launching an embossed edition of plates, bowls and saucers. Irregular lines that appear hand-drawn create a vibrant surface and draw the eye to the centre of the plate. The relief can be regarded both as an independent alternative, as well as a richly contrasting complement, to the classic design.

Charming visual highlights are also provided in the form of three new pattern concepts: KASUMI, RIM and KOMODO.

KASUMI is a playful take on the interplay between matt-brown exterior surfaces and glossy, lightly speckled blue interior surfaces. With the purist plateau plates, the pattern is partially glossy, creating a subtle shimmer effect.
RIM draws on the retro trend of traditional enamel crockery. SHIRO’s characteristically sturdy edges are skilfully highlighted with the aid of a matt-brown rim.
Furthermore, ceramic-style crockery is currently very popular among many chefs. KOMODO caters to this trend and impresses with its earthy metallic-copper pattern. Here, SCHÖNWALD offers just the right bowls with glossy terracotta interior surfaces and matt anthracite exterior surfaces.