These days, customers love nothing more than a spot of al-fresco dining but, for many pub, restaurant, hotel and bar owners, delivering the perfect al-fresco experience can be a real challenge to deliver.

The unpredictability of the great British weather can make it difficult to create an al-fresco hotspot that works in all weathers, particularly at Christmas time.

Jason Eastwood, Managing Director of Canopies UK, the country’s leading designer, manufacturer and installer of high quality canopies, reveals the secret to how hospitality professionals can beat the unpredictability of the weather and create the ultimate al-fresco experience, even on Christmas Day.

When the weather’s good, there’s no denying the fact that going al-fresco can really get places packed and buzzing, as well as transform outside spaces beyond all recognition.

But that’s when the weather’s good.

When the weather’s not so good, many pub, restaurant, hotel and bar owners have to pack away their al-fresco areas and wait for the next good spell of weather to arrive, or just simply pack it away until the following year. For others, it means taking the option of outdoor dining off the menu altogether and just offering a space for people to simply sit and have a drink – weather permitting, of course!

However, al-fresco shouldn’t have to be such a headache for the hospitality sector. In fact, it’s not, for those who’ve discovered the secret to delivering al-fresco, day in, day out, all-year round.


The secret to serving all year-round al-fresco dining – revealed

Outdoor canopies are increasingly being recognised by hospitality professionals as the solution to:

  • Providing the ultimate café culture outdoor experience
  • Catering for customer demand
  • Boosting their profits…

…all-year round, whether it’s the spring, summer, autumn or winter.

Underused outdoor areas can instantly be transformed into stylish al-fresco dining hotspots, where customers can while away the hours, enjoying a drink or bite to eat, regardless of what the weather’s doing.

Depending on the size of their outdoor space, some venues can really maximise their profits by a) creating a brand new dining area or b) extending their existing dining facilities. For instance, our Cantabria canopy can create up to 184 additional weekly covers* and an additional weekly revenue of more than £7,000.**


Functional and flexible

Today’s industry-leading canopy solutions are designed to be as functional, flexible and enhance the customer experience as much as possible.

Take our Cantabria canopy, for example, which features a retractable roof that’s operated with a remote or smart device. It also comes with a range of glass sides, including fixed, folding, sliding, balustrade and internal. In the finer months, they can be retracted and in cooler, wetter and more changeable weather, can be partially or fully closed.


Stand out from the competition

Contrary to popular belief, outdoor canopies aren’t quick-fix temporary structures, but self-contained, multi-purpose buildings that are built to last.

From providing al-fresco dining, to creating extra space for summer wedding receptions and Christmas Day parties, canopies enable pub, bar, restaurant and hotel owners to truly stand out, meet customer demand and strengthen their business offering beyond recognition – in all seasons and all weathers.

* Based on Friday and Saturday, 2 sittings per day.

**Based on £40 per cover = £7,360.


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