She Horse

Artist paints female figure as the part of the animal world -the horse’s world. Showing animal and human features, the subject of the horse is humanized. Beata Korabiowska’s enigma like works-portraits are a representation of the intriguing and seduc-tive animal side of human nature.The images all draw attention to female sensuality, there are no beauty norms.

Half -horse, half- human figures put out the artist’s body on display and celebrate it. Korabiowska produces self-portraits, the ‘live’ body of herself in the figure of the horse. The whole indigenous world that lies behind those figures stem from an inspiration of our beginnings and our roots and the movement of the visual art. The moral qualities of life are also emphasized in the union of two beings deemed so different yet so similar. Imprints of past events studying the female persona such as exclusion/inclusion are holding external powers of bare love. The artist becomes half human and half horse. Enjoying sexual celebration. Naked exposure. Taking time looking back at herself.

The artworks become a metaphor an expression of the fragmentation of the author’s psychological state of mind. Reconstructing and bringing it together through an artistic process. Unblocking live situations and being involved. Meeting the gaze of both herself and eyes painted in her idiosyncratic horses.

The viewer and the Art Work are interconnected. Language that speaks without ‘saying’. Artist pursues her own ideas. In a similar way that contemporary figurative portraiture represents interdependence of body and mind. Poetic encounter between the horse and the artist. They possess an invisible, intangible and ephemeral presence of her voice. Thus invoking personal presence through metaphor of the visible subject half-female half- horse. A dreamer with colours in between producing interesting insights into her Polish-English experience being shared by her visual ideas and the way she sees them. Not of being afraid to take risks focusing on visual identity and independence. A practice through a process of experimentation and implementation of Beata Korabiowska’s creative ideas.

Her unique methods of communication are developing through continuous design, thinking about how she interacts with the world, engaging people with her brand whilst being disciplined to her social responsibility.


Beata Korabiowska