Shower cubicles offer lucrative incentive to hoteliers

Ann Boardman is Customer Services and Marketing Manager at Saniflo UK. In this article she talks about how cubicles can really help make hoteliers’ lives easier and more lucrative.

We all want bathroom fittings to be stylish and original, modern and attractive. None more so than the shower we experience in a hotel or guesthouse – a place for calm reflection or vibrant invigoration, an experience to remember for all the right reasons.

Purity of lines and elegant fittings are important, but the essence of true design is in the detail. Look for well-conceived products with clever assembly and high quality materials, where no silicone is needed and there is no requirement for tiles or grouting.

The benefits and beauty of shower cubicles are often overlooked as many people misunderstand the benefits of cubicles over enclosures. Cubicles offer a swift and efficient showering solution for any shape
or size of bathroom. In some cases, you can have a watertight space, complete with the shower, controls and doors fitted and ready to enjoy in less than two hours.

The hotel sector is catching onto cubicles as the smart alternative to the shower enclosure, not just because cubicles are quick and easy to install causing less disruption to the business, but also because they offer long-term benefits, as they’re also easy to care for, so you don’t end up with dirty looking grout and leaks. Easy to care for cubicles that look great years later with heavy use are every hotelier’s and cleaner’s dream.

For the best type of product, look for manufacturers who design, manufacture and test in Europe, as this means they have complete control over the process and they can maintain the highest standards of quality and service.

Also ensure that all glass panels and doors meet the European standard EN12150 for toughened safety glass and choose manufacturers who supply our products flat-packed for ease of manoeuvrability.

Depending on our circumstances, some cubicles have the option for you to choose your own shower fittings, and others feature an integrated thermostatic control.

Look for cubicles that don’t require silicone. In the humid environment of the bathroom, silicone will deteriorate and discolour without constant maintenance. Generally speaking, if no silicone is required, the wall panels of the product are cleverly designed to fit snugly within the shower tray.

Choose cubicles with a leak free promise. If you choose wisely, from a quality manufacturer you should find that water simply runs down the inside of the shower with no chance of escape. And as there’s no need for tiling or grouting, your shower will stay looking as pristine as the day it was installed.

Look for cubicles that use Cristal Plus Glass. Cristal Plus is a permanent, anti-limescale coating that minimises the build-up of calcium deposits
and dirt on glass, reducing the need to clean. This transparent chemical treatment is resistant to hot water and UV rays, encouraging water to run off the glass without leaving streaks or water marks.

Installing a shower cubicle really is as easy as A, B, C.


Bolt together

Connect to waste and water and add the doors.

As with fitting any shower there are just three main considerations: floor construction; waterproofing, and drainage. The quality and reliability of the products used are essential.

The rest is down to choosing a quality manufacturer. The Saniflo Kinedo range of superior quality shower cubicles includes Kinemagic Serenity, Kinemagic Design, Kinemagic Style, Horizon, Moonlight, Kineprime and Consort, and has been designed by the team at Saniflo to offer a comprehensive range of complete showering solutions for all applications.

The elegant Horizon range of cubicles brand features high quality 8mm toughened safety glass, built-in shower controls and integrated shelves delivering a complete showering solution that is simple and quick to install, maintain and clean. Available as a corner, quadrant and recessed cubicle, Horizon is suitable for any shape and size of bathroom and en suite. Contemporary and luxurious in design, achieving the high standard showering experience guests expect, Horizon is guaranteed to be leak free and does not even require silicone has never been easier than with Horizon.

Or, if you’re looking to revamp tired looking bathrooms in your guesthouse, one way is to simply replace an old bath with a Kinemagic shower cubicle. The Kinemagic self-contained shower cubicle has been designed especially to fit in exactly the same space as a standard bath and the low level tray, secure grab bar and anti-slip surface give extra safety and help to reduce the risk of falling, so perfect even for less able guests. In most bathrooms the change from bath to Kinemagic shower can be completed in just one day.

Designed by the experts at Saniflo, the Kinemagic cubicles are completely free of silicone sealant and are designed and guaranteed to be absolutely watertight as well as offering the accommodation providers easy maintenance, practical features and modern styling. 020 8842 0033