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Sevylor Riviera 2 Person Kayak Backpack System

Sevylor Riviera Kayak/Canoe is a 2 man kayak that is light, strong and easy to transport.  The two seats are highly supportive and protect your back from strain. The Riviera is made from heavy duty PVC, (Sevylor are owned by Coleman Camping and have a reputation for quality products), is durable and hardwearing, making for a secure kayak that won’t rip under pressure. The Riviera can hold up to 155 KG and there is space for two adults at 315 cm x 40 cm. However you can take out one seat to turn it into a one person kayak/canoe. The Boston valve ensures that this inflatabel canoe is easy to inflate and to deflate. There are oars/ paddles supplied with the kayak and it all comes in Sevylor’s unique back system, enabling you to roll up the Riviera and wear it on your back like a backpack. There are bow and stern handles to enable you to transport and manhandle the Riviera easily on and off dry land.

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Gelert Bliss 6 Tent | 6 Man Tunnel

Gelert Bliss 6 Man tunnel tent is easy to pitch, and great value for money. The Bliss 6 has a spacious living area with large windows, this gives the tent a light and airy feeling, There is a large integrated canopy for campers to shelter from the sun or rain. Tunnel tents are easy to put up, and the Bliss can be pitched in around 25 minutes. The large windows have internal curtains for privacy, there are mesh panels for increased ventilation, zipped cable access points for the electrical hook ups, darker bedrooms to help you sleep better, and a high hydrostatic head of 6000 mm. There are two doors, one on the side of the living area, and one at the front of the tent for easy access. The bliss can take two Gelert Double airbeds and two single or six single airbeds! The head height is 210 Cm or 6″ 10 great for the taller person.

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Outwell Ecocool 24 Litre Coolbox

Outwell 24 Litre Ecocool  Coolbox is a  quality cool box from Outwell which is ideal for camping, festivals, picnics, days at the beach for use in the garden.  Outwell 24 Litre Ecocool Coolbox are electric powered coolboxes that will keep your food and drinks cool to approx 20°C below ambient air temperature. (Outside air temp). This cool box is designed to comply with latest European eco legislation.  Works off 12 volt car battery.  Fold flat handle for easy carrying.

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Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and Scouts Equipment and

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Here is a small selection of our extensive range of  Duke Of Edinburgh Scheme and Scouts Equipment and.
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Duke of Edinburgh equipment and Scouts gear suitable for participants, boots, socks, trousers, jackets, fleeces, rucksacks, tents, at great prices

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