iQi Charge are leaders in smartphone charging technology. Our solutions are specifically tailored for the hospitality industry, empowering our restaurant and hotel partners to swiftly and professionally address customers’ smartphone charging needs.

As battery draining becomes a growing problem, businesses have to face up to this never ending challenge and find a new charging solution as customers regularly expect restaurants to charge their smartphones.

We offer two smartphone charging solutions to suit your business and customers’ smartphone charging needs

GIZGO Charger

The GIZGO portable charger allows customers to keep their smartphones with them and charge at the table. As well as optimising the customer’s dining experience, GIZGO eliminates any risk of loss or damage as a result of staff handling customers’ smartphones. GIZGO is handed to and operated by the customer.

GIZGO has been developed for the hospitality industry in that it cannot be recharged outside the restaurant or hotel premises. GIZGO cannot be recharged through the mains supply but only on its uniquely configured charging mat that the business retains.

GIZGO is also configured with a patent pending thirty minute timer. After this time, the charger locks and cannot be used again until the timer is reset by placing GIZGO on its mat for a second. GIZGO is then available for the next customer again for thirty minutes. The timer function is key to allowing the business to distribute the charge fairly amongst customers and to prevent overuse. With GIZGO locked and without its mat, the customer cannot use it outside the premises and so discourages theft and misuse.

GIZGO is an Apple licensed product. With its integrated Apple and Android cables, GIZGO provides a robust and compact solution to smartphone charging. GIZGO is ideally suited to diners, VIP guests, members, spa visitors and business centres.

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Our second solution is the GIZGO Tower, a lockable state-of-the-art smartphone charging station that can charge up to eight smartphones from one power point. Ideally suited for coffee shops, concierge and the bar areas, the GIZGO Tower is operated by a member of staff. The customer will hand over his smartphone in return for a token to identify which tray the smartphone is in. The token system gives both your business and the customer peace of mind that the smartphone is being charged safely and responsibly.

Equipped with wireless technology as well as Apple licensed and Android cables, the GIZGO Tower is a futuristic one stop charging station for all major smartphones.

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‘Great service, actually beyond service. They love it’

Finance Director

Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge

‘The Tower is wonderful, the staff love it and it makes life so much easier’

Concierge – Charlotte Street Hotel, Firmdale Hotels

‘Customers love it. It’s a great product’

Reception – Peyote Restaurant, Mayfair

‘People come in and ask for a charger before sitting down and buying a coffee. We can’t live without it’

Manager, Fifth Floor Restaurant, Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge

‘Every restaurant in the world should have GIZGO’

CEO, Scan Computers


Our goal is not simply to charge phones but to subconsciously offer you and your customers’ peace of mind and one less thing to worry about.

Let us help you stand out from your competitors, increase revenue and optimise customer service with our GIZGO charging solutions. Full branding service is available on GIZGO chargers, tower doors and tokens.

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