Someone is snacking, is it YOU?

Meet Skinni Snax a revolutionary, healthy chickpea and soya snack.

Skinni Snax Limited, a trademarked and UK brand, aims to revolutionise the concept of snacking with the launchof Skinni Snax.

Skinni Snax Limited is the maker of a revolutionary, chickpea and soya snack and meets ongoing consumer demand for healthy, convenience snacking. With an emphasise on healthy snacking, the Skinni Snax range is suitable for vegans,  is low in fat and sugar; high in protein and fibre, providing a healthy snack alternative. With the implementation of a nutritional traffic light system on the front, consumers are immediately advised of the benefits associated to eating Skinni Snax.

Snacking is one of the ways of not only fighting hunger but meets the new demand for on-the-go, convenience snacking. Unfortunately snacking has been associated with several health conditions, not necessarily due to the concept, but as a result of an unhealthy snacking habit with most people snacking on junk food as opposed to healthy snacks. This unfortunate subject can be attributed to unhealthy snacks which are high in sugar and fat and are easily available in the market. Skinni Snax Limited is looking to make a difference with the introduction of a wide range of healthy snacks particularly for people with a hectic lifestyle.

Made from chickpea and soya crunchy, healthy,  Skinni Snax, is available in three different super flavours – Smoky Barbeque, Cheese and Onion, and Thai Sweet Chilli.This full macronutrient solution is light yet filling, keeping consumers fuller for longer without the health issues associated with unhealthy snacks.

Skinni Snax has established distributors in the UK, Ireland, UAE and Europe and is presently in discussion with various UK retailers.

For more information about Skinni Snax and the product range, information can be obtained on their website. Email:  Tel: 020363 78995.